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Places you must visit if you travel to California

California is one of the most important states in the USA

California is the third biggest state of the country behind Alaska and Texas. It has 423.970 km2 and 39 million inhabitants. What is more, is undoubtedly one of those places that must be visited if you want to do some tourism in the United States. Let’s review some of the cities and attractions that you must visit if you decide to spend your holidays here. Not before reminding that there are a lot of opportunities to find cheap flights to California from Orlando, México, Japan or wherever you live if you know how to look for them.

Los Angeles

If you like the film industry this is your place in the world. Among the places you can visit in L.A. is Hollywood. There you can find many film and television studios, production companies and record labels in addition to the walk of fame, where many movie stars left their mark. Furthermore, Santa Mónica and Malibú are beaches you should not miss. They are full of surfers and people who enjoy the nice weather they usually have during the whole year. You can also visit and buy some staff at Beverly Hills, one of the most luxurious neighborhoods in the entire country.

San Francisco

For sure you have ever listened about The Golden Gate, one of the most famous and visited bridges of the world. Well, it is located in San Francisco, California. Besides this amazing tourist attraction, there are a lot of places to visit here, such as Alcatraz, which used to be one of the safest prisons in the world and now it has become a piece of history worth visiting. China Town, Little Italy or Fisherman’s wharf are small pieces of other cultures where you can have a nice experience too.

San Diego

If you are Latino, San Diego is a great place to visit. Due to its proximity to México, it has a lot of their culture along the streets. Just like L.A. it has kind weather the whole year and lovely beaches. In San Diego you should drink at least one beer, since it is considered the national capital of craft beer. Watching the dawn in Point Loma or visiting Balboa Park and their 17 museums are other activities that you can do here.

Death Valley, Yosemite and Grand Canyon

These are 3 of the most visited national parks of California. Adventurers, you must visit these places. Death Valley is a desert with really high temperatures and dry weather. Yosemite is much cooler and has some unbelievable views of their waterfalls and their mountains, where you can go by car. The Grand Canyon is actually in Arizona, but is so close that many people visit it when flying to California. Is a super protected place since it is unique. Besides enjoying the views, trekking is a highly recommended activity.


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