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The best way to load and unload any exotic car is to drive it into the enclosed car trailer

Millennium Trailers has released a removable wheel box option that allows for exotic cars and other cars low to the ground to be easily loaded and unloaded in trailers.  Transporting exotic cars over long distances requires the car to be loaded into a trailer.  Driving the car long distances significantly depreciates the value of the car by adding miles to the odometer and the scheduled maintenance will require a costly charge for such things as oil changes, brake shoe replacement and tire wear.  Transporting these high value cars to be done in a trailer.

Most exotic cars have very low ground clearance and cannot be driven into an enclosed trailer because the door cannot be opened therefore the driver has no way to exit the vehicle.  The best way to load and unload any exotic car is to drive it into the enclosed car trailer.  Driving in allows a high degree of control and keeps the exterior of the vehicle from being damaged.  This is unable to be completed in most exotic car trailers because of the wide wheelbase of the car and that door cannot be opened because it will hit the fender well inside an enclosed car trailer.

There is finally a solution to this problem: a trailer with a removable wheel box on the driver’s side to allow space for the driver’s side door of the car to be opened.  This option allows anyone loading the car into the trailer to not only remove the trailer’s driver’s side wheel well but also allows a large area of the wall to flip up and be supported by an air shock.  

This solution allows the loader the best option in transporting exotic cars.  For businesses that transport exoctic cars, the availability of this option can be a major differentiating factor when competing against other transport companies.  The business can advertise the ability to load the car without using a winch.  It can cost damage to an exotic car when using a winch if the car collides with any portion of the trailer.  It can be difficult to control the loading of a car with a winch.  Cars with smaller wheel bases are easier to load because there is much more clearance on either side of the car. 

This option is available on any Millennium Extreme trailer over twenty feet long with a steel or aluminum frame.  To achieve this option additional structure is placed around the opening of the are around the wheel well to provide adequate strength.  An air shock is placed on the area of the trailer so that the area of the wall that lifts up is supported and can be open and closed at the users selection.  Pictures of the trailer with removable wheel well can be viewed the the Millennium Trailers Picture Gallery.

The list price for a removable wheel box option on a triple axle trailer is $5,054 and $4,067 for a tandem axle trailer.  Prices are subject to change without notice.  Millennium Trailers can be reached by telephone at 800-978-7223.  These trailers can be delivered anywhere in the United States and Canada for an additional fee.  Under normal circumstances Millennium Trailers has removable wheel box trailers in inventory and ready for immediate shipment.


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