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Industrial Use-Cases And Benefits of Digital Authentic Age Checks

What is Online Age Verification?

‘Age gate serves as a technical protection measure used for digital content access restriction for inappropriately aged customers.’

Age verification services are meant to protect customers from consuming services that are not appropriate for their age, for instance, alcohol, tobacco, video games, and online content. Access to digital services is commonplace nowadays which can clearly be proven by the figure of e-retail sales which surpassed $4.2 trillion with over two billion people purchasing goods or services online in 2020. Age verification solutions can aid in authentic buying and onboarding with digital identification so companies can readily comply with Know Your Customer’s Customer (KYCC) standards. With the reign of the pandemic, customers are shifting to cashless payments and digital ways of assistance which are creating challenges of the sort that are not faced before.

Industrial Use Cases of Age Verification

The present world has now transformed into a digital space where minors have access to age-restricted content which is not there in the offline world. Customers need digital age checks to verify their customers, specifically their age, before obliging them. The most exposed and at the same time vulnerable is the drug and alcohol industry in which when physically purchased customers can be identified but in the case of online one, it gets hard enough to verify the age. Likewise, the online gaming and gambling industry also need to get the age verified.

Legal Sector

The most apparent instance is the transfer cases where when a person reaches a certain age, as per regulations, attains the ownership but the other way around the identity is faked by showing bogus age documents. This makes it tough for the legal bodies to verify the real credentials of the claimant. Hence, it is mandatory for the companies to comply with the KYC and AML regimes that can be ensured by verification within seconds. Furthermore, the government can use this very system to verify age for e-voting which will minimize the hassle as well as the cost of election, reducing fraud.

Healthcare Centres and Drug Stores

If not rightly dealt with, customers can be exposed to massive risk as drug stores and healthcare are the crucial sectors. They sell expensive drugs which are age-restricted and can be obtained only with a prescription, which can be misused by minors for their own cause. Also, the benefits can be manipulated which are designated for the needy ones. With the digitization, healthcare-related services have also gone online but lack of verification and negligence can cause fatal consequences which demand the need for authentic age verification.

Gaming and Gambling Platforms

There is no way that a stop can be put to the gambling and gaming platforms especially after their digitization but there should be barricades placed in the ways of fraudsters, specifically youngsters of inappropriate age. The companies are obliged to comply with the KYC and AML regulations to; one, reduce addiction among minors which has risen to 50,000 children, who are under seventeen, and second, ensure authentic customer onboarding. Therefore, digital age verification assists these industries to minimize the risk of non-compliance forfeitures by keeping minors at the bay.

E-commerce Marketplace

The huge marketplace of all is e-commerce which offers a diverse range of commodities ranging from household to adult-specified products. The online purchase trend has given a hard time to these sectors because of their obligation to comply with the age verification regulations. If a store is selling groceries and liquor also, it will need to inculcate age gates which are not that necessary for the groceries but are of utmost importance in case of drugs and liquor. Age verification online can serve as a full-proof tool for seamless risk prevention.

Age-Restricted Industries

Due to the rising fraud cases with digitization, the UK has enacted the digital economy act, according to which age should be verified before granting access to adult content. Online dating services are one of the kind, which is disturbingly increasing the cases of assault, where both the victims and assailants are using services like Tinder and Grindr. To resolve this, the government and regulatory bodies are in a continuous struggle to come up with solutions that are hassle-free and reliable. Companies can minimize the struggle by getting the age verified beforehand.

Altogether Now

In a nutshell, the benefits of age verification services as seen by the use-cases lens are enormous and of utmost importance. Businesses can use age verification solutions to not only authenticate customer onboarding but also streamline their security and worth in the market. Age verification has now become a standard that can be taken hold of to comply with the Know Your Customer’s Customer (KYCC) regulation.





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