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Will Your Car Accident Case Go to Trial?

A car accident can be a life-changing event for many. You may be leaving for work in the morning or coming back home after a tiring day, and within a fraction of a second, your life may become upside down if you get into a car accident. There are thousands of car accident cases because the other driver was negligent.

While you may file for compensation, dealing with the aftermath of a car accident needs legal assistance from a good Tucson auto accident attorney. Many victims are scared to file for compensation, thinking their case may go to trial and they will have to go through various hassles. However, not every car accident case will go to trial. Continue reading the blog to find details about court trials in car accidents.

When your case may go to trial:

Usually, most car accident cases do not go to trial and settle in the initial stage. The at-fault insurance company will offer multiple settlements to settle the case. These offers may be sufficient or not for the damages you sustained. Your attorney will guide you throughout the settlement offers and tell you their opinion about whether you should settle for the offer or not. However, the final decision will be up to you.

You need to remember that the insurance company will look for their interests rather than yours. Therefore, they will use multiple tricks to settle for less. The companies deal with hundreds of similar cases. They will try to avoid the case going to trial if they know that you have evidence to prove your injury and damages. This is because the stronger your evidence is, the more cases will be in your favor.

Your attorney will talk to the insurance company on your behalf and ask for a specific amount. If the insurance company denies paying the demanded amount, it is better to take the case to trial. During the trial, you have a chance to present the evidence in front of the judge, who will decide who is to blame and the compensation amount you are entitled to.

Furthermore, your attorney will try to negotiate with the insurance company before suggesting the case to go to trial. The attorney will consider all the changes in your life before and after the accident. After figuring the estimated value of all your damages, the attorney will demand the same from the company. Any signs of manipulating you or forcing you to settle for less by the insurance company should not be tolerated. You may take your case to court and get fair compensation in such cases.


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