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Everything to know about magnesium gel

People’s eating and sleeping habits have changed due to today’s lifestyle. This results in a lack of numerous vital elements required for the body’s proper functioning. Magnesium is among them, and a shortage of it has numerous negative consequences. If you are deficient, you can use magnesium gels or creams. Magnesium gel is a therapeutic blend of ancient magnesium and aloe vera extracts. The gel dosage varies from person to person and is determined by the intended use. 

Ingredients in the magnesium gel

Magnesium gel has two primary applications: health and cosmetics.

Water, glycerin, organic aloe vera extracts, Zechstein magnesium chloride, and hydroxypropyl starch phosphate are the key constituents in the gel. The gel with a higher magnesium and aloe vera concentration is more expensive than the one with lesser concentrations.

Applications of magnesium gel

Used by workout and gym freaks

After-game massages help many athletes and professional players stay active. A good massage with the gel relieves discomfort and accelerates muscle healing. This is incredibly beneficial for folks who want to bulk up or shred since they exercise weights and their muscles require rehabilitation after a long gym session. 

Many fitness enthusiasts and athletes experience exhaustion after a specific period. Using this gel every morning, night, or shortly before a workout improves performance by boosting muscle healing and providing rapid energy. It also aids the body’s battle against inflammation, gradually increasing strength.

Use of magnesium in the cosmetic industry

The gel’s transdermal application procedure can be beneficial to the skin. This material absorbs well into the skin and aids in treating acne and its aftereffects. This gel can remove the dark streaks and patches that linger after pimples have healed. The outcomes may vary from person to person. As a result, the amount and time of application must be adjusted correspondingly.

Choosing magnesium gels over tablets and injections

Magnesium absorption is five times faster with a gel than with a tablet. Because the cream comes into direct contact with the skin, it is also thought to have medicinal effects:

  • After a long day at the office or the gym, a leisurely soothing massage relaxes the bones and muscles and balances blood flow. This is why such lotions are commonly used in spas and massage parlours. 
  • It also helps people with chronic back pain, spinal cord disorders, or arthritis. 
  • It improves sleep quality because a person’s thinking is clear and relaxed. 
  • A head massage with this lotion encourages positive emotions and the release of negative thoughts.

Usage of magnesium gel

While skin application might make you feel a lot better, there are a few things you can do to make it even more effective. Before applying the cream, ensure the skin is dry and there is no sweat on the body. The sodium concentration of sweat prevents magnesium from doing its work. Washing your face with water before applying the cream eliminates debris and excess oil from the skin. 

It is best for the skin if this cream is applied before bed at night. This is because the person is not engaging in any physical activity and is being exposed to the least amount of pollution and dust. The skin absorbs the most magnesium during this period.

Things to remember

The amount of magnesium, cream consistency, and other ingredients vary by brand. What suits one person’s skin type may not suit another’s. This is because age, gender, and health history all play a role in determining how much magnesium a person’s body requires. For example, a person suffering from back pain may be advised to use a high-magnesium concentration cream. On the other hand, a person seeking cosmetic benefits from cream is recommended to use a cream with an equal mix of aloe vera and magnesium.





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