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Tips for Vaping at Work: Indoor Vaping

According to a recent survey people worked 34.5 hours a week on average in 2017. Why not strive to make your time at work as joyful as possible when you spend a large portion of your adult life there?

 The following suggestions will help you determine whether bringing a vape pen is allowed at work and, if it Isn’t, how to be proactive and help update your company’s policy.

1. Check To See If The Office Building Where You Work Allows Vape

Find out if vaping is allowed inside your office building as another point of information. Even if vaping is legal in your state, you don’t want to put the management firm of your office building in any uncomfortable situations.

 If you want to know if there are any restrictions on vaping indoors, you can simply ask the security guard or a building management. If they are unable to respond, you can also look up more details about the building’s rules and regulations on their website. 

When a place prohibits smoking inside, they typically include vaping in the same category and prevent it as well.

2. Ask Human Resources If They Have Any Vaping Policies

It’s time to check out your company’s policy on vaping when you’ve done your research, consulted with general dentistry, understood your local state legislation, and are familiar with office building rules. To find out more about using e-cigarettes at work, ask your manager who you should contact. 

However, if you do vape, take care of your oral health and arrange regular dental checkups with general dentistry.

Set up a meeting with them to find out whether your employer has any rules on vaping. If you don’t want to arrange a meeting, you can look over a copy of the employee handbook. Just be aware that since e-cigarettes and vaping are relatively new goods compared to traditional cigarettes, the manual might not directly cover them.

 If that’s the case, consider reading the employee handbook to see if smoking is mentioned and defined there. If you are still unsure about whether vaping is permitted, you can always approach Human Resources for further information about the policies.

3. Changing The Anti Vaping Policies in Your Company

It’s fantastic if your employer permits vaping! You can continue with the following tip now. There are, however, still options available to you if you recently learned that your workplace prohibits vaping.

Under the right conditions, some businesses could be willing to waive or modify specific employee policies and requirements. Find out how many employees at your place of employment enjoy vaping and solicit their support. 

Go to your employer or top management and let them know you would want to suggest revising the company’s vaping regulations once you are certain they would support you.

Tell them how much you and the other workers would love being permitted to vape during the working if they’re willing to listen to you out. Describe how vaping can make quitting smoking cigarettes sample for employees and how they can discreetly vape at their desks without disturbing others.

For instance, perhaps they’d agree to allow employees to vape at specific hours of the day or in designated spaces like the kitchen or break room. Maybe they would agree to let it happen if only nicotine-free vape juice combinations were used by employees. Overall, you should strive for a compromise that can be agreed upon by everybody.

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