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A Guide to Diagnose & Monitor Progress of any Project

Always explore business consulting for ongoing projects because of its flexibility and productivity. Over time, your company may require certain organizational changes. One can plan the job in a very detailed and well-written manner. However, there is a potential that it will not go as planned. This is the time to keep a close eye on the project and watch its progress. The most crucial aspect is time tracking. During project management, time monitoring allows the team to have a better understanding of the project and its status.

There are few steps you can follow about how to track your project:


To get the most out of your time and effort, it’s critical to organize and prioritize your tasks properly. According to some researchers, 80% of the impact of your work comes from 20% of the job you do. As a Project Manager, you must manage your time wisely and concentrate on the most important tasks. Because there are not enough hours in the day to track everything, select which aspects of your project are the most significant and critical.

The most critical components that a program manager should focus on while tracking the project are the scope of the project, its budget, and resources. These require comprehensive examination as they assist you in determining the project’s performance. Sometimes it is hard to maintain the track and monitor the approach but you need to stay firm and follow the steps. Lastly,  there’s the budget, which is necessary to guarantee that you do not go overboard with your expenditures.

Set measurable targets

Setting targets or goals and assigning measurable KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are the first steps in measuring performance. Setting KPIs for each aim is important, but it is also important to think about how the target’s achievement will be measured. Comparing what you planned to how you carried out that plan is the core of project tracking. Throughout the project, a baseline proves valuable for comparing actual and expected development. Changes are unavoidable in any project and can have a significant impact thus controlling the baseline is critical to project success.

Use dashboards

When you plan to communicate the project’s status in a concise yet efficient manner, a dashboard is always useful. A Project Management Dashboard is a visual representation of project performance KPIs in a way that conveys the project’s overall progress and highlights specific issues that need to be addressed. To save time and effort the company is designed to provide you with the information you require at the time you require it and make the process easy you just must keep the dashboard updated.

Recommend actions for improvement and follow-up
This is the most crucial task in project management. After receiving input from management, as a Project Manager, you should consider and recommend steps that will yield the maximum benefit in terms of keeping the project going efficiently, smoothly, and on time. Corrective or preventive actions, as well as adjustments to the plan or project execution, are all possibilities for recommendations.


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