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How to Buy Custom Backdrops that Last Long

Advertising is a standard expense of doing business. Whether you’re a large firm or a small-scale, local retailer, expanding your brand without advertising is impossible. Unfortunately, advertising and marketing costs are increasing all across the board. Digital marketing costs, in particular, are choking small business owners.

Recently, several small business owners protested against the rising cost-per-click rates for advertising on major digital platforms. Small businesses simply cannot keep up with these costs. That’s why they’re buying low-cost, traditional marketing tools like custom-printed banners and backdrops.

A well-designed custom backdrops can be used for promotions in various settings. You can set them up inside your retail store. Or, you can install them in event spaces. Backdrops are typically covered with logos. If people take pictures of themselves in front of your logo-covered backdrops, it can give your brand tremendous exposure.

Buying Backdrops that Last Long

High-quality custom backdrops are nowhere near as expensive as other marketing tools. But, small businesses must always go for backdrops that are designed to last long. Once you find durable, long-lasting backdrops, you can use them for several years. Here’s how you can categorically shop for top-quality banners that last for at least a decade.

Select the Right Material 

In the past, selecting the material for backdrops or banners was very easy. Brand leaders basically had two options – vinyl or mesh vinyl.

  • Vinyl: Vinyl was a popular backdrop manufacturing material mainly because it’s a weatherproof material. Given their durability, vinyl backdrops were also considered to be relatively affordable. Brand leaders can also get UV-treated vinyl backdrops. The custom graphics on UV-treated vinyl backdrops don’t fade easily compared to other materials.
  • Mesh Vinyl: Unlike regular vinyl backdrops, mesh vinyl backdrops have countless tiny holes on their surfaces. These holes enable airflow. Hence, mesh vinyl backdrops are more breathable. When used in outdoor settings, mesh vinyl backdrops display an amazing ability to resist heavy winds. That’s because all air passes through the tiny holes on their surfaces.

Although both vinyl and mesh vinyl backdrops are durable, they are susceptible to wrinkles. That’s why the leading sellers of custom-printed backdrops now use a different material that’s resistant to wrinkles and water damage – polyester.

  • Polyester Fabric: Polyester backdrops look amazing because the sellers use dye-sublimation printing to create these items. The printing ink enters the polyester fabric’s fibers. The end result is a crisp, professional-looking backdrop. Plus, polyester fabric backdrops are scratch-and-wrinkle-proof.

Although vinyl and mesh vinyl backdrops are highly durable, if you want the best, go for polyester fabric backdrops.


Your backdrops will get dirty. When they do, you’ll need easy and convenient washing solutions. So, make sure your backdrops can be machine washed if soiled. All polyester fabric backdrops are machine washable.

Easy Drying and Storage

Polyester fabric backdrops can also be ironed. If they pick up wrinkles, users can easily iron them away. Ironing these banners also makes storage easier. Before storing them, simply iron out the wrinkles on the backdrops. Store them in a dry place. They’ll stay as good as new for decades!


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