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4 Common Content Strategy Mistakes to Avoid for Your Business

Content marketing has become one of the most popular ways for businesses to get new customers in an affordable way. You can create content that gets the attention of countless people without spending a small fortune on ads. That’s why 84% of companies have a content marketing strategy today.

However, that doesn’t mean you can create any content you want and expect excellent results.

You can’t afford to create content for marketing that doesn’t work when it takes so much time to start seeing results. Avoid the common content strategy mistakes below to create business website content right the first time.

1. Not Writing for Your Audience

You can’t write blog posts with a generic voice. You aren’t just writing blog posts for a search engine to rank. You need your words to convince people that your business is worth working with.

To do that, you’ll need to use language that appeals to your audience. Learn who your audience is, how they speak, and what they look for when getting information. You can create much more impactful content when you appeal to your target audience this way.

2. Not Completely Covering Topics

Topical authority plays a big part in Google rankings these days. Google doesn’t want to rank websites with only a single post about a subject. It’s hard for searchers to fully understand a topic in this situation.

Google is starting to rank websites that cover topics from every angle possible. That means creating several posts about a subject and using secondary keywords to link to other similar topics. This practice will build topical authority for an issue and improve your chance of ranking on Google.

You can learn how to do a content gap analysis to see what topics your competitors cover that you’re missing out on if you don’t have enough articles to write.

3. Not Expanding Your Content Channels

You can get far by posting blog content on your website, but it will only get you so far. While there is a lot of free search engine traffic, much more traffic is available elsewhere.

Take social media, for instance. Many people now spend their time online browsing news feeds. That’s a big opportunity if you have a social presence.

Make sure to create different forms of content and post your website content on social media. Doing this will help you push people back to your website and make more sales.

4. Not Measuring Anything

You can do a lot more to optimize your content marketing strategy when you can measure your results. Unfortunately, not every website sets up tracking scripts to get the information they need to do this.

Tracking scripts will help you see where your visitors come from, how long they read your content, how they interact with your page, and much more. See what data you can collect and learn how to use that data to optimize your business website content.

Don’t Fall Victim to Common Content Strategy Mistakes

You need to put a lot of work into regular blog posts to create a successful content marketing campaign. Unfortunately, it’s easy to make common content strategy mistakes that make it more challenging for your content to get results.

The above mistakes are only a few of the big ones to watch out for. Continue learning more about the different content strategy elements to ensure your content sees success.

Head back to the blog if you want to learn more tips that will help when marketing businesses online.


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