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4 Reasons Why Vacuum Lifters Are Worth It

Vacuum lifters make use of vacuum technology to grip and raise a wide range of things. It ranges from wheat sacks to stone slabs and glass panels. In vacuum lifting, a vacuum pump and an air hose connected to a lift tube are utilized. The lift tube contains a suction head on one end and a suction foot on the other to keep the weight in place. Suction feet in the glass vacuum lifters come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on what you need to lift.

A vacuum pump creates a vacuum between the suction cups and the load, referred to as an ejector pump. The operator may rapidly vary the lifting height by regulating the vacuum level using a control lever. This method of suction lifting is safe and gentle on both the operator and the items. The suction cups enable the user to transfer heavy objects safely and without exerting any physical effort.

The airtight seal guarantees a firm grip.

The design of the vacuum lifter’s suction cup or suction foot is dictated by the type of weight to be lifted. A solid container may be easily grasped by one or more small suction cups, normally sealed with a rubber gasket. Greater porosity loads, such as paper or plastic bags, necessitate a bigger suction foot.

Suspension of overhead crane safety

Vacuum lifters are most often used with overhead cranes. The operator may operate the lifter inside a specified zone if the crane system’s architecture allows it. A vast or small area can be accommodated by an overhead crane system. You have more freedom with mobile solutions.

It was predicted that vacuum lifters can only be used in a narrow area because they are suspended in a crane system. Glass vacuum lifters are frequently employed in large facilities to cover a large number of workstations.

Why you should get one

Using a vacuum lifter is much easier than you would believe. It is unnecessary to spend more than five minutes learning how to operate a vacuum to increase.

Suction cups that are securely fastened to your cargo should be used. It is important to seal the suction cups around your goods to elevate the weight.

Raising and lowering the weight is simple by adjusting the lever on the handle. The load should be raised and relocated to the appropriate area; if required, the load should be rotated.

Adjust the handle lever as soon as you’re ready to lighten the load. Ultimately, you may break the airtight barrier and remove the weight by angling the suction foot.

Using vacuum lifts may end up saving you money in the long term.

Glass vacuum lifters provide various advantages for both businesses and people. A vacuum lifter, which eliminates all weight, can raise any load. A single person may carry tonnes of weight in a single shift.

Lifting is a skill that almost everyone can master. It is no longer essential for businesses to rely on one enormous, strong individual. Lifting is something that everybody can do, regardless of size, strength, age, or gender. This method makes it simpler to keep a diversified and dynamic workforce.

In addition to these advantages, vacuum-assisted lifting may increase productivity and efficiency. Allows personnel to lift more in less time, reducing downtime between lifts and downtime due to frequent lifting-related accidents.

Before acquiring a vacuum lift system, it’s a good idea to put it through its paces with the actual weights it’ll be lifting. In addition, doing a physical layout assessment of the premises where the equipment is located is recommended. It guarantees that the lift system satisfies your requirements and expectations.


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