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The role of a Probationary Officer in a bank

People who desire to start their career in the banking sector appear for the Bank Probationary Officer exam. The Probationary Officer post is for fresh graduates who want to join a Public or Private sector bank in India. Every year thousands of people appear for Bank PO exams. The authorities of private and public sector banks and regional banks conduct the exams. The popular bank exams are IBPS PO and SBI PO. The PO syllabus for SBI and IBPS Mains are quite similar. Aspirants who prepare for the exam with a strategy can avoid mistakes and quickly clear the exam. Aspirants must be well-versed in the syllabus before preparing for the exam.

The Bank PO works closely with the assistant manager of the branch. These officers ensure that all services and processes of a bank run smoothly. They train the newly hired employees and teach them to handle the machines. They help budget the bank’s expenses and design a foolproof daily routine for the employees. They must solve customers’ queries and concerns and need to take care of the bank in the absence of the manager. They play an active part in the meetings regarding the financial decisions of the bank and sanctioning of the loans.

Responsibilities of a Probationary Officer

Credit and Debt Management

Bring new business

Payment clearances

Handle cash

Report verification

Customer service

Employee management

Official communication 

Manage public relations

Skills required for a bank PO

A bank PO must possess a good understanding of accounting and finance. 

They should be aware of the financial rules and regulations laid out by the Indian government.

They need leadership skills to guide their subordinates and motivational skills to maintain their morale.

They require soft skills to maintain problem-free and smooth customer service.

They must have negotiation skills to onboard new partners and customers.

They need to be a team player to coordinate with all employees in the office.

The banking sector expects POs to be highly confidential because they deal with financial matters.

Why do people choose the banking sector?

Good pay

Employees in the banking sector get paid well. They get several benefits like medical coverage, pension, a minimum rate of interest on loans and more. The salary is higher compared to other entry-level jobs. 

Growth opportunities

Growth opportunities are immense in the banking sector. The aspirants may join at the junior levels but get promoted to higher positions in a few years. The job helps in a person’s overall development and enables them to develop their skills.

Job security 

Job security is one of the most significant reasons for people to choose the Banking industry. Banks do not fire their employees unless they do something unethical. Once people join the banking sector, they don’t have to worry about looking for another job.

Skill development

Bank PO officers get several opportunities to develop their skills and enhance their knowledge. Most banks provide on-the-job training to their employees and encourage them to join seminars and training programs to enhance their skills.


Banks have more holidays than other private organizations and allow their employees to celebrate every festival with their families. Employees have a good work-life balance. Bank employees get good pay and enjoy other benefits like allowances, concessions and incentives.

The bank Probationary Officer post is treated with high regard. People who aspire to write exams to join banks like the SBI can view the PO syllabus for SBI on the internet. They will get all information regarding exam preparation and how to apply for the post. Aspirants must practice every day to crack the bank exam and become Probationary Officers.


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