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The 5 Most Important Factors of a Successful Digital Marketing Agency

To stand out from the crowd in today’s cluttered and claustrophobic digital marketing world, a digital marketing agency needs to be proficient in certain areas.   

A tour-de-force in the basics first can do wonders for your clientele. However, with more creative teams popping up all over Australia and the world, it’s hard to keep a competitive edge above your contemporaries. 

This article will cover aspects potential clients are now looking for to contact you about their upcoming marketing project. Ensuring you have everything they need to know online. 

So let’s get into it. 

The 5 most important factors to a successful digital marketing agency. 

1. A Well Designed and Comprehensive Website

It is vital to remember that you are constantly being judged against various other websites around.  

You must stand out with on-site optimisation in all digital marketing packages in 2022 and beyond. 

Your site must be up-to-date and use Google’s Best Practices. Your core services should be easy to find on the SERPs when a user searches and your geo-targeting should be prevalent, so you get noticed. 

Your website should be a billboard of your design capabilities and showcased through engaging content. It would be best to have an overactive blog monthly covering as many aspects of digital marketing as possible. 

Navigation of the site should be seamless and be sure to showcase your conversion strategies clearly with suitable calls to action (CTAs) throughout.

2. A Powerful Team

All the top digital marketing agencies have diverse and experienced talent.  

Never be afraid to showcase your team, their positions and skill-sets online. Any top agency will be proud of their team and happy to have them up in lights and be front and centre on a site. 

Your hiring strategy should be based on multi-disciplined staff with unique qualities in different fields. 

Such as:

  • SEO
  • Web Design (even if you don’t offer that)
  • Web Development
  • Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Brand Development 
  • Social Media

Also, it helps to make the owner(s) or founders accessible or at least represented on your website. 

3. Tools — With the Expertise to Use Them

Never before has analytics played a more significant role in SEO than today. And being an expert in the digital world, you should know it is too easy for business owners to get the idea they can do this by themselves as now free-to-use online analytical tools are everywhere.  

So you should be set up with the best paid-for analytical tools, for example: 

  • SEO and Website Performance: Google Analytics, Hubspot, Moz
  • Inbound Lead Marketing:  Marketo, Hubspot
  • Social Media Analytics: Hubspot, Sprout Social
  • Email Marketing: Constant Contact, Hubspot, MailChimp
  • CRMs: Salesforce and yet again, Hubspot

Those were some examples of what most successful agencies use. Whether becoming a partner agency with one of them, getting a Moz pro subscription or general subscription, if you have a solid team, they should be able to read and judge from these. 

As you will know, many tools on the market are based just on data and content averages, but you will also know from experience that the most successful agencies are those whose staff think outside the averages and tools. More cutting-edge marketing is seeing better results. 

4. Relevant Experience

Ensure you make potential clients know about your experience.

Be proud to show you previous campaigns or website development you have done.  

Case studies are something that has been made famous online for people searching for a suitable digital marketing agency to partner with to judge you on your previous work.

Be sure not to create a situation where you get labelled as concentrating only on small or start-up businesses or large corporates. Be sure when you are developing as a company, you bring in staff that have worked on projects in differing industries and different sized companies. 

Remember, every SEO campaign differs for each business, and each presentation must reflect your flexibility as a company to deliver results across the board. 

5. Have the Ability to Communicate With Various Age Groups

You know you want that client for years to come when you take on a new project. You want to work alongside them, gathering as much information and working closely together to help build each other’s businesses respectively. 

One of the main aspects of this ongoing and growing success is being able to communicate with them and the ability to immerse yourself in their working culture.

Easier said than done. In 2022 business owners come in all different age groups. Entrepreneurs can now be teenagers, so understanding and adjusting to utterly different business acumens is crucial.  

A 55-year-old business owner that has just realised that they can’t compete without turning to SEO specialists is entirely on the other end of the scale. So having a balanced staff with experience in multiple industries is excellent, but a diverse spread of staff in age groups can also benefit.  


Now in 2022, SEO agencies and digital marketing firms are under more scrutiny online due to the amount of them popping up everywhere. So never has it been more important to practise what you preach to the customer. Have a front window that ticks every box above, and get them walking in to be your next long-term business partnership. Good luck!


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