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How To Create UI Mockups For Beginners?

Designing the mockups is an important step for any web or app building projects. So, you should always know the exact steps to follow and things to consider. And speaking of which, the following article will be showing you how to create UI mockups with comprehensive and informative guides.

What are UI mockups?

For the developers and design teams to come up with a fully interactive UI, they will need a high-fidelity design of the certain webpages or app menus. And this is exactly what UI mockups are about.

They show the complete visual details of your certain websites or apps, including the on-screen components, texts and color elements, indications of the interactions, together with the entire design compositions.

These static designs of your digital platforms convey the ideas of the product and show the developers how they should approach their coding jobs.

How to create UI mockups?

Here is how to create ui mockups from start to finish, and beyond:

Ideation and wireframing

Before you work on designing your mockups, it’s recommended that you spend time to brainstorm ideas and design your wireframes. In this step, the entire team should work together and look up online to come up with a good design idea for the product.

Then proceed to sketch the rough ideas of the web and app UI, as you slowly complete and refine your wireframes. Don’t be afraid to work on your multiple ideas and sketch down their designs onto your papers or digital platforms.

Design these low-fidelity and bare-bone blueprints of your UI so you can easily work on your mockup designs later on. Here, your wireframes should complete the structuring of the content and components.

Also, you can include indications of the most basic UI interactions, so the designers can have easier time handling their mockups.

Creating your mockups

With the wireframe ready, your mockup design should come quite naturally, assuming that you already have basic design skills.

Turn your wireframes into mockups for all digital platforms - pixabay

Turn your wireframes into mockups for all digital platforms

Simply choose to work with whichever design software that you’re most comfortable with. Work on designing the high-fidelity elements and components based on your wireframes and sketches, using the simple design tools and coloring options.

Spend your time to refine the compositions to make sure the components are properly placed and can scale according to different displays. Then plan the certain interactions of each UI element on your new mockups.

What to do next?

With the mockups being finished, you can now export your designs as image files to share with clients and shareholders to make sure that they’re satisfied with your works.

Send your original mockup design file and include your design notes to the dev team so they can realize the UI mockups according to your static designs. Make sure to work closely with the programmer in this stage so you can refine your UI and optimize its performances.

And unless you’re doing a solo project which doesn’t need any supervision, it’s highly recommended that you send both of the files to your product manager to make sure that your UI mockups are heading toward the right directions.

At this step, teams can begin prototyping their web and app UI to test the mockups in real life and ensure their functionality.

Improve your performances with Visily

And if you want to design the best mockups with beautiful elements and little effort, then this useful software from Visily is definitely a good option. Here, the convenient and powerful design tool offers many features to automate your work and speed up the process without sacrificing the quality.

Use Visily for better design experiences and performances

Have your many design elements of app themes and page templates, which will provide you with the best options and inspirations for your new UI mockups.

Or you can use the smart AI features to automatically realize your mockups from sketches, images, or web URLs. Simply input these design materials and Visily will provide you with the instant high-fidelity mockups.

And at the same time, for design teams, you can make use of the easy collaborations in Visily to improve your team projects. Have the intuitive and interactive Team Workspace where authorized members can work simultaneously and collaboratively.

Also have access to the simple export options, in which you can share image files to clients and shareholders who don’t use the software, together with dedicated CSS codes for the dev team for easy reviews and web-building experiences.

And last but not least, the software offers its free plan for all users to enjoy the complete basic package, which should be more than enough for you to work on your different mockup designs.


To make sure that your UI mockups are well-designed and easy to work with, designers will need to follow all the steps properly. So, make sure to use our article on how to create UI mockups as guidelines for your next projects. And don’t forget to try out Visily if you want to have the best UI mockups quickly and effortlessly.


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