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Social Media Audit

Social media is a powerful tool, but it can also be a huge time suck if you’re not careful. If you’re feeling stressed by never-ending feeds of information, news stories, and pictures of strangers’ lives, it might be time for a social media audit.

What Is a Social Media Audit

Social Media audit is the process of taking stock of your social profiles and seeing how they can be in improvement. It’s usually a simple enough exercise, but many people have trouble figuring out where to start. It’s important to get them started in the right direction because doing so will help them Avoid stress wasting time and energy on accounts that aren’t worth their time or energy.

Why A Company Need a Social Media Audit

Social media is a growing field. There are a lot of positions that specialize in social media, and they can be high-paying positions as well. When you look at the growth of social media and the number of positions available to people, it is clear why a company would want to conduct Social Media examination. Here are why the company needs social media examination.

1. To Detect Fake Accounts

Social media has become a vital source of entertainment and news. It is important to know when people paid to spam your profile or resort to spamming other users’ profiles; this allows you to determine if some of the content you may have read was real. Social media examination can help you identify the culprits and bring them in for questioning before they damage your presence on social media.

2. To Detect Spy Software

Social media examination is also useful to detect spyware. Spyware is software that allows someone to start monitoring your computer and share information about you with third-party entities.

3. To Investigate a Problem

Social media can be the perfect place for reporting issues or feedbacks addressed by the company to the general public. Social media examination allows you to identify potential problems on social media and resolve them before they become an issue or harm your brand or the reputation you have built up over time.

4. To Discover New Market Opportunities

Social media examination is an effective way to keep up with the most popular trends and find out if there are new opportunities in the market. Social media examination can also uncover potential business opportunities to use your social influence to generate new leads and convert them into sales.

5. To Increase Brand Engagement

Social media examination allows you to identify the factors that make your brand strong or weak and allow you to identify the key visual elements that make up a good brand. It also allows you to look at how users engage with your brand and build social media strategies accordingly.

How to Do a Social Media Audit

Just like any other marketing plan, social media examination holds for both small and large companies. The purpose of the audit is the same, no matter how big or small your company is and what you want to accomplish. Here are the steps that all businesses need to follow when doing their social media examination.

1. Define Your Goals

Goals are one of the most important aspects of any marketing plan. Define your goals in social media and determine what you need to achieve as a business through social media. If you have declared an objective for your social media platforms, you can create a social media examine plan that works towards achieving that objective.

2. Invest in Research and Development

A good strategy doesn’t come from thin air, and it never works if not backed up by proper research and execution. You must invest significant resources into your social media examination plan with that in mind. It will only be effective if you have defined your goals and done the necessary research before commencing the audit.

3. Set Up a Social Media Management System

A good strategy doesn’t work on an empty stomach. Social media management is the first step in engaging and managing the conversations which would take place on your platform. It is the basis of your social media examination. A social media management system also keeps you updated with the developments and trends to ensure that you are spot on with your plans.

4. Set Up a Strategy

Having defined your goals, you need to ensure that your strategy is in execution as planned. It is in doing through a social media examination plan that encompasses necessary activities and workflows. Social media examination will also allow you to track your social media strategies and ensure there is the achievement of your goals.

5. Monitor Your Audience

Identify the metrics that would tell you if you are on course or not and adjust accordingly. Monitor your social media activity to ensure that it is positive and helps achieve your goals. A social media examination plan will help you track all of this and more, allowing you to tweak things when necessary. With the help of social media examination, you can achieve your goals and make the most out of your social media marketing strategies.

Netbasequid Services and Possible Ways They Could Help Reach Business Goals

There is the use of NetbaseQuid services in the pre-social media audit phase. Here, you can research and analyze your customers’ current preferences and get a clearer image of what type of content will be most effective for them.

The results can then be shared with the marketing department so that they are better equipping create relevant content for your customers and leverage on opportunities from bloggers and other influencers that might help promote your business.


A social media audit can be an essential tool to help your business get the most out of social media marketing. The findings will help you identify where and what types of content you should or should not be creating, making it a handy and effective tool in ensuring that you have a strong presence on the web.


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