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Six Advantages of Installing Motorized Curtains In Your Home

As the title suggests, automated curtains are those that are operated by a motor. Batteries or a plug-in motor usually power them. Nobody except the owner will see the motor because it is covered beneath the draperies or curtain rod.

There is essentially no manual labour involved because it is automated. Although opening and closing curtains isn’t a very difficult operation, this automation tremendously aids elderly and physically disabled homes. Incorporating motorized curtains into a smart home network via an app or speech with Siri, Amazon, or Google adds a great value.


The primary advantage of motorized curtains is their convenience. Users can let rechargeable batteries or electric motors do the job rather than tugging on curtains or manually adjusting them to the correct position. As a result of the automation, there is a major ergonomic benefit.

SecurityOutsiders will not see what is going on inside your home if the blinds are closed. The ability to remotely open and close blinds can bring home safety to the next degree. One difficult component of home security when on vacation is hiding that your house is empty time after time from the neighbours. If you keep the light switch on all day, you waste electricity. If you keep the outdoor lights off at night, the property appears deserted and may be an obvious victim of break-ins. Your home can appear inhabited even if you’re out of town using a timer or an app to change the curtains remotely.

1. Energy conservation

Using a motorized curtain instead of a manual curtain is technically inefficient, and however, the amount of energy expended is insignificant. The true advantage comes from opening and closing the curtains in reaction to sunshine effortlessly. You can programme the automatic curtains’ actions using mobile apps and timers. In the winter, you can open your curtains during direct sunlight to provide natural heating, and you simply do the reverse and close the windows to keep the sun out of your home in warm temperatures.

2. Integration with smart homes

Consumer expectations continue to rise as smart home gadgets become more sophisticated. Security cameras used to be technologies reserved for institutions and the ultra-rich, but they were impracticable for the rest of us. We can now buy a home safety system that is so smart that it gives you notifications even if you really are hundreds of kilometres away for much less than the cost of a good supper. Not long ago, voice-activated devices were likewise considered futuristic, and we now are using them to make calls and change the station on our televisions.

3. Noise

With softly operating smart blinds, your home automation will feel even smarter. Inside a smart home, the grinding roar of a noisy, struggling engine just doesn’t feel right.

4. Better Lighting 

You may configure your windows to open at particular day periods, including such sunrise or when you get home from work. You may programme the lights to turn out and the drapes to open at pre-programmed times after it’s synced with the lighting systems in the house. This will let more natural daylight into the home and reduce the glare from the tube lights, which you would otherwise have to deal with. If you ask a professional how you may personalize and integrate existing modern devices with your curtains, they will undoubtedly come up with innovative solutions.

  1. Cleaning is simple

The outside of shutters, panels, cloth blinds, and other window treatments can easily become soiled due to exposure to water. You’ll notice how much easier motorized window coverings are to clean. Close your automated blinds, then wipe the outside of a damp towel before reopening them. There would be no heavy lifting or standing up to wipe the chairs manually!

This product is available in various sizes, ranging from 6.5 feet to 20 feet. It can be operated with most smart speakers and through a remote or app, like other items. Smart Curtains operate with very thick curtains and can be opened from the centre, left, or right. A “light touch trigger” and the ability to recall certain location and distance settings are among the device’s high-end capabilities.


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