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Recover Lost or Deleted Data from iPhone [Solved]

Lost or deleted data files on an iPhone? Nothing to be concerned about. This post outlines a few workarounds for this issue so you can still restore data from your iPhone without an iTunes or iCloud backup. Read our article on restoring deleted data from an iPhone if you use one. It should go without saying that the information on the iPhone is essential and that we cannot risk losing it. However, unexpected disasters might occasionally occur and cause your iPhone data to be deleted. Fortunately, all is not lost, and restoring deleted iPhone data might still be possible.


  • Logged in with a different iCloud account and deleted the old data files.
  • After restoring the iPhone to the old data in the backup, all current data got lost.
  • Accidentally deleting files on an iPhone or losing data after a factory reset
  • Delete all settings and content after unsuccessful login attempts.
  • The Apple logo, a white screen, the recovery mode on the iPhone, headphone mode, etc.
  • iPhone has a broken screen, is disabled, or won’t turn on.

Missing a backup? Utilize the iPhone Data Recovery Tool:

iPhone waits to erase data until new files require that memory space. So with no backup, you have a reasonable probability of recovering data from your iPhone storage. The iOS Data Recovery software is our pick from the various iPhone data recovery programs available.

This program is intended to restore lost data from iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices, as its name suggests. It can directly scan the memory of your iOS device and recover up to 18 different types of data, or it may retrieve a considerable amount of essential data from backups kept in iCloud or iTunes. But this tool is unique because it performs a deep scan of your device, making it incredibly effective even if your files have been lost for a long time. It also lets you pick and choose whatever files you want to recover.

The following instructions will help you recover deleted files from an iPhone without a backup.

First, scan the iPhone to look for any lost data.

You are now prepared to start. To begin, you must connect your iPhone to the computer and run the iOS Data Recovery program. To continue, choose “Recover from iOS Device” from the interface’s opening menu. Once connected, it will bring up a window where you can select the data type you want to scan for and recover. After selecting the boxes next to the data types, you want to recover, click Scan.

Select What To Recover

The software will start searching the iPhone’s internal memory for data files that can be recovered. It tells you the amount and sorts of files it has discovered from your iPhone and displays a progress meter with an estimated completion percentage.

After the scan is complete, you will get an overview window similar to the one in the illustration below. To make file browsing quicker, it organizes files into many categories.

Select Scan

Second Step: Preview the Recovered Data.

In this step, you can use the left sidebar to browse the content by selecting a specific category, such as Contacts, Messages, Call History, Notes, or anything else you might be looking for.

Select Save

Third Step: Save the Recovered iPhone Data

When you’re ready, check the boxes next to the data files you wish to recover, then click the Save button in the bottom-right corner.

Choose a location on your computer to save the recovered iPhone files in the pop-up dialogue box. Then, tap the Save button to start the Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone.

Final Verdict

No one can predict or be aware of any mishap or an accident with your iOS device, which may result in data loss. In such situations, you need a reliable tool or software that can come in handy in recovering your precious data, inclusive of Photos, Videos, Contacts, iMessage, Memos, Text Messages, Notes, and whatnot. A précised tool will save your day and your data.





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