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How can you reach grandmaster nightfall in Destiny 2?

The introduction of grandmaster nightfall in quite exciting, but the problem is that not all players can access it. As a guardian player, you require to be at least at level 1345 to be able to access the grandmaster nightfall. So this article will be talking about how to up your power levels in the game so as to be able to enter the nightfall level. Let us begin.

Power level functioning in Destiny 2

Before you buy grandmaster nightfall, it is primarily important to understand how the power levels work in Destiny 2. As a guardian, you will always begin at 1100 power level. The power level is defined by the gear and can only be increased when one finds a higher-level gear.

It is important to remember the basic rule of powering up which is to keep the highest level power item in slot, Also, you can merge your higher power gear with the blue gear in your inventory if you don’t just want to keep it lying in your stock. It is a good idea to wait a few levels before you merge your gear. This way you can make the most of this technique. Wait for at least 10 to 15 power levels before merging.

How to reach soft cap level 1270.

For this you will simply have to proceed according to the norms of the game. Look out for drops from various sources as they can help you increase your power level. Running Lost Sectors also is a speedy way to reach soft cap level 1270 as there are many drops found.

After 1270, however, it gets a little tougher. You will then need to apply certain strategies to level up. There is an element called the seasonal artefact that lets you cross 1330. It is called the Powerful Cap. Another element is the Pinnacle Cap in the season of the Lost which also serves similar purpose.

Using the Powerful and Pinnacle Cap to reach Grandmaster Nightfall in Destiny 2.

You cannot see the Powerful and Pinnacle challenges without first having completed the soft cap. Prioritise and focus more of the powerful source in order to get the powerful cap. And finally, remember to equalize your gear. It is important that all the gear be at the same level before you begin with the Pinnacle Cap. Until that is achieved, focus on the Powerful ones only. This will help you speed your progress and reach grandmaster nightfall level faster than expected. You could complete a few of the activities to help get the Powerful Cap:

  • Complete the Nightfall and Ordeal
  • Win consecutive 7 rounds in the Crucible Survival playlist
  • Earn Null Composure and Ascendancy and Salvager’s Salvo
  • Major Infamy, Valor and Glory rank ups.

In conclusion, we would like to say that along with all these steps, it is recommended that you complete the Exo Challenge Simulation on a weekly basis. It is a quick process to complete and can be done solo. It is best to be done before the Pinnacle source for best outcomes.





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