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PC Power Up: Components for Building or Upgrading your PC

If you desire for a system as a gaming PC, you may possibly would like to think in case you can purchase a gaming PC that previously have been selected, or upgrading your individual PC to support gaming. PC Power Up site will facilitate you to build your own vigorous PC. The further you identify regarding the internal workings of your PC, the simplest it will be for you to build a well-versed choice about which components are significance upgrading.

Let’s talk about a few gears that are offered on PC Power Up site.

Video Cards:-

The graphics card in games is the number one component. It is responsible for rendering a three-dimensional world, defines volumetric figures in space, pulls texture on the skeleton and adds effects with miscalculation of light reflection. All of these operations require power, especially in modern games.

Sometimes you even get to feel the new ray tracing technology in undemanding games of which more and more will appear. Graphics chips from Nvidia are traditionally very cold and have a modest appetite.


A powerful gaming computer in 2021 is a system for a monitor with a resolution of 2560×1440, which, if you do not go into details, can be called 2K resolution. The logic is simple: the larger the pixels, the clearer the image. But there is a nuance – the more pixels on the screen, the greater the load on the video card.

When it comes to building a powerful gaming PC, there is no point in buying a monitor with a standard FHD. Most top-end video cards are designed for such loads. There are also 4K monitors, but games are rarely optimized for it, and the most top-end cards are needed


Do not forget that the above table is accurate only if the processor power is sufficient. It works like this: the number of FPS is practically unlimited, that is, the video card will work at 100% and produce the maximum. Not so much depends on processor power, it just should be enough. For example, in the same game, Intel Core i7-9700K and Intel Core i9-9820X ​​can produce the same FPS with the same card. This is because their power is too much for normal games.

Increasing the gaming resolution increases the load on the processor, not only on the video card. It is better to discard old and low-power processor models right away, they will not work. For a computer of this level, an Intel Core i5-9600K or Intel Core i7-9700K is well suited. These are game processors; they do not have additional threads that are ignored by games.


DDR3 has died and has been replaced by DDR4. Old DDR3 gaming computers are still quite competitive, but building a new one on an old platform is a bad idea. The minimum memory for a gaming system unit is 8 GB. True, now some games manage to borrow more, and the recommended volume has been increased better chit up to 16 GB.





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