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7 Reasons To Remodel Your Bathroom

An effective way of breathing life into your bathroom is by renovating it. A bathroom remodel doesn’t necessarily mean demolishing the entire room; you can change a few bathroom fixtures to improve the feel and look. You can also choose to bring everything down and remodel your bathroom from scratch, depending on the reason for renovation. There are several reasons for renovating bathrooms, but here are the common reasons why you may consider renovating yours.

1.     For Safety Reasons

Some bathroom fixtures like tiles may indicate that your bathroom isn’t safe. Sometimes you probably ignore unsafe bathroom fixtures, such as the slippery floor, broken parts, or water leakages. Water leakages make your bathroom unsafe because they are hazardous when they contact electrical cables.

It’s best to consider remodeling your bathroom if you notice these signs or if your bathroom is unsafe. Since the bathroom plumbing wears out over time, renovating the room is advisable to avoid constant plumbing-related issues. You may have to call a licensed plumber to remodel your bathroom and avoid calling the pros to fix recurring bathroom plumbing problems.

2.     Increase Your Home’s Sale Value

Your home, including your bathroom, wears out over time. It might appear older than other rooms of your home because the hot water causes moisture. Estate agents and home buyers know that, so they are likely to scrutinize the bathroom’s condition before buying. If you think of selling your home, bathroom remodeling is best to increase its sale value.

3.     Increase Your Storage Space

You may also remodel your bathroom to increase your storage space. You can add an array of stylish bathroom cabinets to increase your bathroom’s storage space. Besides providing additional storage space, adding bathroom cabinets increases the room’s visual appeal. You can also add mirrored cabinets for the bathroom remodel project to add practicality.

4.     Efficiency and Sustainability

If you constructed your bathroom several decades ago, the toilets, piping, and fixtures are likely made of outdated materials. Manufacturers didn’t consider environmental sustainability and energy efficiency several decades ago. Remodeling your bathroom can make it energy efficient, ultimately saving you money and preventing strain on the environment. Renovating your bathroom presents an ideal opportunity to replace inefficient fixtures and piping and reduce water usage and electricity bills.

5.     Add Functionality

Another reason you might need to remodel your bathroom is to add its functionality. To increase your bathroom’s functionality, you can choose from various products, such as shower bases, shower screens, and bathroom basins. Talk to a remodeling expert and explain your remodeling reason to get ideas on adding functionality to this room.

6.     Your Bathroom Requires Waterproofing

Your bathroom might not have waterproofing if you installed the shower several decades ago. Showers that don’t have waterproofing have a higher risk of leaking and damaging your home. The process of fixing the damage caused to your home by leaking showers can be costly and hard to fix. Other areas of your bathroom also require waterproofing, so it’s best to consider a bathroom remodel project to ensure that you waterproof all your bathroom parts. A qualified professional will recommend the best and effective way to waterproof your bathroom.

You might also consider a bathroom remodel to add a coat of protection because bathrooms are exposed to high humidity and heat. The steam produced during shower time can create moisture that encourages mold and mildew buildup. Moreover, steam and moisture often make your bathroom walls weak, but a bathroom renovation project can help to add a protective layer for wall protection.

7.     Your Bathroom is Old

If your bathroom is over a decade old, you are due for a bathroom renovation. A bathroom past its use tends to have tiles falling off the walls, leaky showers, and old and slippery floor tiles. You need to do something about your bathroom if it feels old and outdated. An old bathroom can make you feel unhappy because it’s probably the first room you get to in the morning for a shower. You might even feel uncomfortable welcoming people into your old bathroom. Remodel your bathroom to modernize it and make you feel happy.

These are some reasons why you may need to remodel your bathroom. The reason primarily comes down to your desires and what you want to achieve. Talk to several remodelers to help you choose an affordable and professional expert for a successful bathroom refit canberra.


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