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Why is Recruiting Important in an Organization?

When you look at the growth of any company, then most of us look at the numbers that the company produces, but we forget the most important factor behind those numbers and that is the company’s staff.

The employees work hard in order to achieve those numbers and how successful your company will depend on how you look at Predictive Index.

The companies which want to grow fast but steady knows that it can only be achieved when they have the perfect combination of employees and for that recruitment is of utmost importance.

Whether your candidate will turn out to be an asset for the company or a liability, all depends on how you recruit people.

It is a costly affair, so when you are delving with recruitment you must be very careful about it because one wrong move will create a big hole in your pocket. If the candidates whom you have selected starts performing well, then there will be no issue at all, instead, it will come out as a good investment overall.

In order to carry out the different processes that are involved in business, you will require people who will be managing different responsibilities.

In operations, HR and marketing you need people who have the skill set to perform the job efficiently and for that, it becomes a necessity on how recruitment is done in a perfect manner so that the right kind of candidates get selected for the job positions. This is why so many companies work with a recruitment agency.

What Is Recruitment process?

Recruitment is the process of employing the right candidate and adding or placing him into a particular team or group, though it can be any kind but here we specifically are discussing about workplace.

In simple words, recruitment is a selection process done for hiring the right person into your workforce or organization. This responsibility is not only taken up by a single person but covers the whole team working for the hiring process.

The people working in this sector need to be well versed with different types of skills and abilities as it is their sole responsibility to select right candidates, as a wrong hire can cost the organization a lot negatively.

Types of Recruiters:

The recruiters involving in the recruitment process are of several types. Some of the topmost ones are listed below,

  • Internal or Corporate Recruiters
  • Contingency Recruiters
  • Staffing Recruiters
  • Outplacement Recruiters
  • Retained Recruiters

Stages of Recruitment Process:

The recruitment process of any organization works through several levels. Though the whole cycle differs from one organization to other, most of them are the same. The various stages stated and determined for a hiring process are

  1. Defining the job role
  2. Generating applications from candidates
  3. Monitoring the entire application and selection process
  4. Offering employment

Now let us look at the various parts or sections of each of these stages.

1. Defining the Job Role:

Defining the job role or vacant position is the first and important stage in the recruiting process.

Here the recruiter must understand the roles and responsibilities of the employee to be selected. This can be done by meeting the senior or lead of that particular division. Based on the details provided, a clear and effective job description can be created.

The different parts this recruiting level deals with are

  • Job analysis
  • Job description
  • Job profile
  • Personal specification
  • Desirable criteria

2. Generating Applications from Candidates:

The second stage of the recruiting process is to spread about the interview and vacancy available in the organization. This needs to be done using smart marketing strategies which can differ according to the industry we are hiring for.

The main aim of this level is to attract more candidates. The methods used in this stage are,

3. Monitoring the Entire Application and Selection Process:

This is the most important part of the whole recruitment process. The candidates are shortlisted mainly in two methods, either through the applicants’ CV’s or the filled out application forms which are designed for the hiring by the organizations.

Some of the sections this stage comprises are,

  • Application forms
  • CVs
  • Shortlisting candidates
  • Scheduling interviews
  • Dealing with applicants
  • Interviewing the candidates
  • Assessing the skills and work experience
  • Selecting candidates
  • Finalizing the candidates

4. Offering the Employment:

The final stage of the recruiting process is to offer employment. The most important section of this stage is background checking and document verification.

The other sections of this stage are

  • References
  • Medical examination (not mandatory)
  • Employment offer
  • Joining an organization
  • Documentation

Here we will be explaining the significance of recruitment and selection which will help you in understanding the importance of recruitment in a company:

Importance of Recruitment and Selection in Human Resource Management:

1. Filling up the position with the right candidate:

When you are going for recruitment, it is important that you include the skills that are required for the job position and also add the list of skills that will better the chances of the candidates.

There are some skills which are necessary to accomplish the job and there are some skills which are not linked to job directly, but if you possess some of these skills, then it will surely help you in accomplishing other jobs as well.

It will also enhance your resume as well. But, in case you are not able to put up the right kind of advertisement, then it might happen that you get very few deserving applicants and have to settle for candidates who are not that good at all.

2. Big names in the industry acquiring recruiting companies:

If you look at the market now, then you will realize that the major mergers, as well as acquisitions that are taking place, are of big firms buying the talent source companies or the recruiting companies.

If the recruiting was not that important, then why would you think that some of the big names like the Oracle or SAP would acquire companies who are good at recruiting right candidate for the companies.

3. Employee referral as part of recruitment:

Before going all out with the recruitment process, the organization can look for the employee referral program.

It is quite an effective avenue in receiving the application of talented candidates. The job portals or the consultancies are there to help you out, but employee referral programs are also highly effective.

If you notice that the employee referral is not giving you enough talent, then move on to the consultancies that will be digging their database to come up with the required skills for the job position.

The employee referral is a very good avenue of sourcing talents because the employee who is referring to a candidate will get monetary benefits if the candidate gets selected and fulfill the terms and conditions.

Therefore, almost all the organizations have tried out the employee referral before going outside to look for people who will bring them the right kind of candidates.


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