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Is Buying A Kegerator Worth It?

Do you enjoy beer but despise math? Don’t be concerned! We’ve got you covered!

Since you’re reading this, you’re thinking about having a kegerator fridge, and you’re also questioning if it’s great value for money. It relies on some things, and we’d like to perform the calculations for you.

How much does a night out cost?

Let’s assume a pint of beer once at a pub or pub costs $7 on aggregate (16 ounces). Then you just had one beer before you went out? Unfortunately, not in most cases. If you drink a handful of 3 beers each evening you get out there, you’ll spend $21.00. Let’s just not neglect to pay any tax and tip your server. So, let’s round up to $25.00 for your contract sum.

So, the truth that you can have to commute to your sipping place is not included in this minimal cost for your beverages. This might involve petrol, parking, ridesharing, or a cab. You’ve also spent a cover charge to go into that trendy pub on a Weekend night! As a result, a single night’s stay can reach well over $30! That’s assuming you merely consume 3 drinks!

The price of a kegerator

Let’s imagine you purchase your personal kegerator, complete with everything you need to pour your favorite ice-cold beer. A comprehensive kegerator fridge with all the necessary dispensing equipment costs around $700.00 on usual. Here you may find a large assortment of kegerators. This appears to be somewhat pricey initially, but we assure you that it will be well worth it, and then it can be verified.

You must first pick a keg size before you could even drink your beer.  The cost of a keg varies in terms of size as well as the beer branding. You can get full kegs from some diverse restaurants and bars and marketplaces, but you aren’t limited to international or domestic beers.

Is it worthwhile to invest in a kegerator?

So, we’ve arrived at the billion-dollar question: is getting a kegerator worthwhile? YES! This is why:

The upfront outlay of a fully functional kegerator fridge and a keg may be as little as $800.00, equating to roughly $6.45 per liter with your first keg. That may appear to be a big price, but keep in mind that this is simply the cost of your first keg, and it will decrease as you are using your kegerator more. After that, you’ll simply need to buy a fresh bottle of beer, and will provide you with a lot more beers for the same price as a keg of beer.

A crate of Budweiser runs around $23 and includes twenty-four 12 oz. cans (288 total oz). To acquire the very same quantity per ounce as a regular keg, you’d need to spend around $160 on cases of Beer. A kegerator may save you almost $55 per keg! Additionally, you can recreate the same ambiance for a fraction of the cost of going out! It can’t be stressed enough how distinct draught beer tastes from canned or bottled beer. It will vastly improve your beer-drinking session!

Homebrewing plus Kegerator= The Best Combination

Homebrewing can help you save money on your kegerator while also boosting productivity. Homebrewing may be done for a very little cost; but, if you would like to go exotic, then that will charge somewhat more. You could save a lot of money if you’re doing bare-bones brewing and if you’ve done brewing for a long time and own most of the equipment.


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