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Alkaline Water Over Plain Water: 5 Benefits To Know

Water- one of the most significant necessities, requires several phases of purifying process to get tagged pure. While typical water filters include standard techniques like UV and RO purification, the resulting water is pure and free of chemicals and lethal toxins. On the flip side, alkaline water filters carry out a modification in the chemical nature of water for good. Alkaline purifiers filter the water to obtain alkaline water with a pH above 7. Such cleaner produces water in small clusters, easily digestible and hydratable.

Is investing in an alkaline water purifier sensible?

There is no doubt that reverse osmosis is the typical water purification technique and, many buyers blindly choose it. However, one cannot overlook the perks of consuming alkaline water. Alkaline water filters can produce harm-free and oxygen-rich water. Most alkaline filters consist of a multi-component system that includes partition and purification. Here are some ways you can benefit from switching to drinking alkaline water,


Alkaline water is nothing but water with an increased pH. Several research papers support that an increased pH can regulate the acidic pH of the stomach and gut. Additionally, consuming alkaline water on a long-term basis aid in getting rid of harmful toxins in the body. Eventually, alkaline water consumption intends towards a boosted kidney function that can keep you away from metabolic complications related the excretion and absorption.

On the bottom line, alkaline water detoxifies your body at a higher rate when compared to neutral water.


Alkaline water interferes in the normal or high levels of bone resorption. Higher rates of bone resorption can induce the minimization of bone density. Also, the lower the bone resorption and the higher the bone mineral density, the higher the bone strength.

Further evidence of acidic water/diet and osteoporosis being related grabbed the attention. Acidic water tends to cause brittle bones due to the insufficiency of calcium and mineral absorption. That is, once you start consuming alkaline water, your urine turns alkaline and is devoid of higher calcium excretion!


Several studies show gut inflammation and cancer have a clear relationship with water consumption. People affected with gastric cancer when subjected to consumption of alkaline water on prolonged periods showcased lesser severity and symptoms. With that said, alkaline water can bring down the intensity of gut and gastro inflammations due to its neutralizing effect on acidic swellings.


In today’s scenario where the most minute foreign agent can cause influential health conditions, one cannot neglect the significance of a sound immune system. Alkaline water consumption helps boost immune levels and produce antibodies against foreign antigens at a higher rate. They promote the functioning of the immune cells in one or more ways. For instance, circulating free radical toxins can affect immune power. However, alkaline water, whose pH is high, promptly neutralizes free radicals.


Amidst keto diets, aerobics and high-end workouts, switching to alkaline water can significantly promote burning body fat. While consuming fast food is the primary cause of obesity, especially in young adults, junk food can release acidity into your body. In such cases, alkaline water nullifies the complexities of acidity from junk food.

But how does this affect body weight? In self-neutralizing the released acidity, your body accumulates fat which leads to weight gain. However, you are free from fat-producing neutralization phases with alkaline water consumption.

As a result, due to a fit and physically active body, alkaline water consumption can also keep you away from common metabolic disorders. Diabetes is one of the proven metabolic disorders which alkaline water can alleviate significantly.


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