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Best Automotive Advice And DIY Solutions 

The word automotive comes from the Greek auto ( self ), and Latin motivus (of motion ),referring to any form of self-powered vehicle .This term, as proposed by Elmer Sperry, first came into use with reference to automobiles in 1898.

Automotive service means that the repair,rebuilding or reconditioning of motor vehicles or parts thereof, including collision service ,painting and steam cleaning of vehicles and commercial car washes..A steel frame, which is  a major part of body and other accessories ,which are not involved in the movement of the vehicle .Other major components include engine , transmission system ,front and rear axle, steering system ,suspension system ,wheels ,tyres and brakes .

Automotive Products 

Automotive products means any hardware products, software ,or combination of hardware and software that provides Haptic Capability to the extent used in an automobile, trucks ,bus train , or other transportation vehicle .The skills and knowledge you will gain while earning your automotive degree are in high demand .Employers are begging for qualified people who can solve problems, understanding , how things work, deal with people , and maintain a high level of integrity .You could be just the person they are looking for !

Best Automotive Cars

Automobiles can signify so many different things to people. They can be anything from a mode of transportation , a conversation starter , an escape, or even a way of expressing yourself .The Popular Mechanics automotive test team has been hard at work putting cars, trucks ,electric vehicle automotive accessories through their paces to point you to the very best .

We have hundred of miles around some of the best roads and trails around the country .Whether  that’s howling through the Malibu Canyons or carefully crawling through the Malibu Canyons or carefully crawling through the backcountry trails outside Breckenridge ,Colorado ,we  have given each vehicle a proper workout .And the ones you see here have proven worthy of an Automotive Excellence Badge.

Final Thoughts 

Opportunities in the automotive industry seem nearly endless .However, two key trends are set to further push the automotive industry forward in the long run ,electrification and connectivity .These trends are mainly driven by policy changes and technology.





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