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How Do You Become A Certified Interior Designer?

Interior Designers are professionals, who visualize, design, and plan functional, efficient, unique, and awe-inspiring interior spaces using scientific theories & concepts along with their creativity. An interior designer collaborates with various teams and conceptualizes interior design not only for residential spaces but also for commercial spaces like a factory, office buildings, retail, hospitality, healthcare, aircraft, etc. In addition, an interior designer can also specialize in furniture & furnishing design, kitchen & bath design as well as lighting fixture design.

Steps to become a certified interior designer:

Develop the following skills that are required for becoming an Interior Designer:

  • Creative skills are a must since they will help in coming up with innovative concepts. Sketching skills will assist the Interior designer in selling their concepts to clients as well as communicating the same to the varied teams working on the project.
  • Excellent communication and networking skills are required to not only get business but also work with multiple teams, clients, and vendors as well as other stakeholders
  • Candidates must develop a good sense of textures, patterns, colours, and designs
  • Scientific aptitude, as well as analytical mind, will be required to keep up to date with the modern trends, understanding of the customer, their preferences, changing consumer tastes, new green sustainable materials, techniques, etc.
  • Students must equip themselves with basic computer and Digital skills


Before selecting a college for admission, the students must answer the following questions:

  • Do you have the skills, perseverance, and patience to manage a project that involves handling a building site that carries with it daily predicaments (solving complex problems) and contemplating difficult decisions on the sly?
  • Do you want to work on domestic projects and design people’s homes?
  • Do you want to manage large commercial projects – Hospitals, Factories, Shopping centers, airports, etc.?


After answering they will need to check their eligibility and prepare for entrance exams.  

  • Eligibility Criteria: In order to apply for the Interior Designing course, you must complete your class 12th exam in any discipline from a recognised board.
  • Entrance Exams: Most colleges shortlist the candidates for admission basis of an entrance exam followed by a group discussion and then an interview.


Interior Design colleges in Mumbai:

Students must identify those Interior Design colleges in Mumbai, which offer 4-year certification in Interior Design & Technology and must fulfill the following:

  1. College must ensure practical hands-on knowledge in addition to theoretical understanding.
  2. The curriculum must equip students with competencies to handle a continuously evolving ecosystem and complex design challenges.
  3. College must build competencies in the use of various tools, software, Ergonomics, Design Fundamentals & Principles, new techniques, Human Comfort, comprehension of Colour Theory & Lighting, Sustainable Materials and their Application besides Representation Tools, Aesthetics and Space Planning.
  4. The course must offer an understanding of various types of architecture during the different times as well as across different continents, old vs. modern architectural techniques
  5. College must ensure the building of appropriate portfolio as well as exposure through live projects, internships, participation in competitions, etc.
  6. The college must inspire a fearless attitude in students, thus facilitating innovative bold designs.


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