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Steps of practicing law after pursuing a degree in it

Being a lawyer is considered to be one of the most sought-after and respected jobs around the world. This profession offers enormous stability, a good pay package and also gives one a strong position in society. 


To be a part of this profession, you need to first start looking into good law courses which are a pivotal requirement of this sector. Also, being a lawyer does not necessarily mean that you have to be a civil lawyer. 


You can try out many other options and can even work in the corporate sector as a corporate lawyer or go into journalism and become a law correspondent. The choices are endless and here is how you can go about it. 


Start with acquiring a degree


The first step into the field of law starts with a degree from an established institute. You can go for a law course straight after finishing 10+12 or you can also enroll in it after graduation. 


If you want to become a lawyer, then it is crucial to complete this first step without which you cannot begin your practices. 


Get an internship 


Going for an internship is a student’s first glimpse into the real-life work of a lawyer. Here you will bring all your theoretical studies into practice and also understand requisite work ethics. Understanding all the practical procedures of law is important if you are going to professionally practice. 


Also, this exposure will help you integrate various other necessary skills ranging from time management to patience. 


Get enrolled with the State Bar Council


After the internship, the next important step is to get yourself enrolled with the state bar councils which are regulated by the Advocates Act 1961. While there is no set process for registration, you will be required to sit for an All-India Bar Examination (AIBE). Only after clearing this exam which is conducted by the Bar Council of India will, you be given a certificate of practice. Then you can start practicing in your field of interest. 


Selecting a preferred field 


Law is more an umbrella term that has many subsets that you can practice under. This means based on your interest you can be a criminal lawyer; you can go into legal writing, or you can even be a law correspondent. Many lawyers even end up working for corporates where someone is needed to supervise compliances. As per your area of specialization, you have a versatile choice to pick from such as being a civil lawyer, income tax lawyer, or even a corporate lawyer. 

Basically, you have loads of options to pick from and you can select anything based on your personal preference. 


This field also gives you the opportunity to be your own boss as you can set up your law office. Though it is advisable that prior to going independent, you can amply amount of exposure and learn from a mentor. This will help you learn tricks of the trade and give you a deeper understanding of the field of law.


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