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Gas Fireplaces: All You Must Know from Features to Installation

Back in the day, the American households had fireplaces lit with firewood, and chimneys on top.

A lot has evolved ever since the old period. And today, we have fireplaces lit with gas. Gas log lit fireplaces are now the standard in every new house and majority of the remodeled homes.

These days, the fireplaces are burnt using natural gas or LPG.

Although the traditional real wood-burning is still in vogue, it has its distinct feel. However, there are certain reasons why gas-fueled fireplaces are being installed in households.

Reasons Why Gas Fireplaces are Now in Vogue

As gas-fueled systems are in trend now, there are plenty of reasons behind moving towards this method. Below are a few main advantages of using the gas method for fire heating.


People appreciate it when they find convenience in doing something that was previously hard to do. Similar is the case with gas-fueled fire logs.

The traditional firewood produced ashes and debris – which had to be cleaned afterward. Moreover, the chimneys were cleaned on a yearly basis. Quite often, the yearly chimney cleaning is done by acquiring the services of a cleaner. Moreso, the would need to be bought regularly and it should also be cut into logs.

All the things just mentioned taking time investment. From clearing away the ashes to cleaning the chimney and arranging for wood – everything takes considerable time and effort.

Start the Fire In No Time

Gas fireplace log options may differ in terms of exhaust venting style, however they all instantly startup. All you need to do is pull the gas lever, and press the spark button – and there you go!

Gas Logs are Cleaner

Gas logs are known for their convenience in terms of cleanliness. The traditional model got household owners to clean the ashes every once in a while. This used to also create a mess in the room. However, with gas logs, this hectic is now gone.

Inexpensive Solution

If we look at the long-run costs of coal-run and wood-run fireplaces – having gas-fueled fireplaces is better. Wood is expensive, and not everyone can afford to have it. Gas fire-producing setups give you the long-term benefit of saving costs.

No Municipal Restriction & Low Maintenance Cost

As the gas burnt fireplaces produce no smoke, you can light them as much as you want. Also, it takes a low maintenance cost to use it. Moreover, gas fuel burning is more efficient than burning wood.

More Productive Usage of Heat Energy

Gas-fueled fireplaces are known for producing more heat as compared with real woodfires.

Installation Process

The installation of custom gas fireplaces is no complex task, does not cost too much. If you go for direct venting, then you can enclose the gas fireplace with wood framing and other materials. 

Also, even a homeowner can easily cater to a handy installation.

Concluding the Post

The aspects around gas fireplaces covered in this post show why you should go for gas fireplaces in your home.


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