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All About Sunsafe Swimwear

Summers mean more chilling in the pool and worrying more about the harsh UV rays. While you take care of your face by applying sunscreen or wearing sunglasses or even hats, why neglect the rest of your body? And here, sunsafe swimwear offers the best solution. It provides extra protection from the sun as you sweat and wash off your sunscreen quickly. The advantage of this modern swimwear is its snug fit, good stretch, and protection against the UV A and UV B rays. Read the details below to learn more about the sun protective swimwear before purchasing.

What is the Ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) in swimwear?

Ultraviolet protection factor or UPF states the amount of UV radiation the fabric of your swimwear allows to reach the skin. For example, a material with UPF 50 can block out 98 per cent of sun rays and significantly reduce the risks of skin’s exposure to the harmful rays. Hence, a UPF swimsuit offers you much more protection than your regular swimsuit. 

What factors will you consider while buying a sunsafe swimwear?

Now that you know why sunsafe swimwear is a must in the summers, look for factors to make sure you purchase the right one. The factors you must consider are

UPF levels

It is best not to go for swimwear with UPF levels below 30. However, it is best to go with fabrics having UPF 50 or even higher to get maximum protection from the sun and the highest UV blockage. 


There are many options in sun protective swimwear like rashguards, one-pieces, two-pieces, wetsuits, or even a tankini. A rashguard would provide better protection than a tankini; it is understandable if you want to put on a nice bikini or your favourite one-piece as you head off to the beach. So, no matter the style of swimsuit you choose, the more material coverage you get, the more you remain protected.


It is best to go for tight weaves, which better block UV rays. Hence, choose something of denser weaves like canvas or denim that offers good protection. You can also check the weave by holding it up to the light and seeing if sunshine penetrates through it. You may also opt for other materials like unbleached cotton and polyester that are good at preventing UV rays from penetrating the fabric and reaching your skin.    

How will you care for the swimwear?

Your sunsafe swimwear needs an extra bit of attention than your regular swimwear. So, you should be mindful of the changes it might develop and take care to prevent them from losing their integrity. 

The fabrics lose the built-in UV protection as it is wrung or worn out. It may also happen with repeated tossing in the washing machine. Hence, using a mild detergent and rinsing in cold water is the best way to take care of the swimwear. If possible, wash it with your hands as powerful cycles of the machine could damage its integrity. 

Taking proper care of your swimwear can help you maintain its longevity and ensure you get adequate protection against UV rays. 

Choosing the right swimwear when you are in the sun can be difficult. It is not enough now to pick swimwear that looks nice; it must also have the ability to offer you the right amount of protection from UV rays so that you don’t end up with rashes and allergies. Hence, when you buy your next spring suit or wetsuit, forget the worries about the hours you will be out in the sun.    





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