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All About Essential Locksmith Tools

Performing the duties as a locksmith requires an extensive range of toolkits. It may include powered and manual tools that pick and cut locks and keys. With the right tools, a job gets done faster and easier. Each locksmith has a unique approach to work; one cannot do without some essential tools. These tools are torsion wrenches, slim jim tool, jackknife pick, hook pick, lock pick gun, key extractor, and key duplication machinery. Here is a quick rundown of these tools that unveils the mystery in a locksmith’s toolbox and would also give you some vital insight as you decide to make the purchase.

Torsion wrench

You need a torsion wrench to apply torque to the lock’s plug and set any picked pin in place with each set pin causing a slight turn on the plug. As all the pins get picked, the tool can turn the plug and open a lock. A standard torsion wrench is L shaped; however, you may get several variations. There are also torsion tools resembling a pair of tweezers allowing for the application of torque on both sides of a lock. 

Slim jim tool

A slim jim tool is the best tool for unlocking the car door. It works by placing the jim between the rubber seal and the car’s side window glass. This way, the tool enters the door inside and gets hooked onto some level of the car’s lock mechanism. This tool can help unlock the car lock in a matter of seconds; however, it may not work in deadbolts

Jackknife pick

Jackknife pick is primarily used for domestic lock picking. For example, if one can’t find the key to the kitchen or bathroom, a jackknife pick can do the job efficiently. The tool comprises four to five strong, springy metal picks in different designs and sizes capable of opening all house locks.   

Hook pick

A hook pick is an essential locksmith tool used when a lock needs to be picked using the traditional means. Since the shapes and sizes of different keyways vary, it is unlikely that a single hook pick will work in every lock. So, a lock picking set has several sizes of hook picks to complete the work effectively.      

Lock pick gun

Lock pick guns provide an easy and effective means of opening locks. Electric lock pick guns are usually expensive and made of hard steel and aluminum alloys. By pulling the trigger, the gun causes vibration in the pick end. A manual gun also works similarly but has a trigger creating a flick snapping at the pin. Lock pick guns must be used with a tension tool and work only on pin-tumbler locks.

Key extractor

One of the most common issues locksmiths faces involves removing a broken key. And the best means to extract a broken key is using a key extractor without affecting the lock. 

Key duplication machinery

When making a duplicate key is the only solution, having key duplication machinery is necessary. It can develop duplicate keys in a few minutes and help you unlock the door without needing to destroy it.  

Locksmiths deal with a wide range of problems faced by clients. And the sheer number of locksmith tools available in the market can intimidate any professional entering the field. However, with the knowledge of some essential tools, one can easily pick locks, extract a broken key, and make a new key to enter homes. 





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