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5 Different Types of Polo Shirts That Enhance Your Look

Polo shirts are the most versatile shirts any man can own. Polo shirts are an ideal option for men in the summer season. Every man should have a few polo shirts in his wardrobe collection as they can suit all occasions. Men’s polo shirts are suitable for any occasion, starting from sportswear to casual wear. You don’t need to think about how to pair up a polo shirt with the bottom; it is manageable. These polo shirts can make a combination with any of your collection of wardrobe bottoms such as chinos, casual jeans, shorts, and whatnot.

Polo shirts are the favorite picks that every man has in their wardrobe. Though you are familiar with buying the shirts, sometimes you may miss the required considerations like the product’s fabric and the right cut. Choosing the required specifications of the shirt can make a unique and outstanding outfit. These shirts have set a benchmark with their fashion classic style.

However, most men think of a polo shirt as a plain-block-coloured short sleeve. But, do you know that different types of polo shirts are available in the stores. Here is a list of the top 5 polo shirts for men. Take a look:

1. Short-sleeve Polos:

Short-sleeve polo shirts are considered a wardrobe essential. Short sleeve men’s polo shirts can be made from different materials such as cotton blend, poly-cotton blend, or polyester blend, which gives you comfort throughout the day. These shirts are available in various colours, patterns, and sizes. These are often used to wear for casual occasions; as you use these shirts for everyday wear, it is good to be worn untucked and comes with an unstructured collar.

2. Long Sleeve Polos:

When compared with your usual polo shirts, there is the only difference in the length of the sleeves. These shirts have long-length sleeves like jumpers or button-up shirts. Long sleeve polos are more durable and heavy, making an ideal choice for winters. These shirts have unique details that are different from short sleeve shirts. These shirts can also come under a relatively casual shirt. 

3. Pique Polos:

These pique polo shirts are well known for their fashion and are designed with a particular type of fabric. Pique polos are different from others for their unique fabric nature, and that gives a bold look. These shirts are featured to have a natural stretch that offers a comfortable feel. Pique polos are suitable for occasions like small parties (lunch or dinner) with friends or bar settings.

4. Wool Polos:

Men’s wool polos are the formal version of the long-sleeve polos and are identical to woolen sweaters, but these shirts feature button plackets and collars. These are very comfortable and apt for the cooler season; comparatively, these are not as durable as men’s pique polos because they are made with woolen material. Wool polo shirts are best suitable for formal occasions.

5. Sportswear Polos:

These men’s sportswear polo shirts are designed to suit sports purposes for tennis or golf. These are generally designed with short sleeves for better flexibility in movement, and these are also an excellent option for many other athletes.

Final Words:

There is a list of different polo shirts helpful, from daily casual wear to occasional wear. This shirt is just a comfortable and favourite wardrobe outfit. Browse for quality polo shirts and pick the most suitable ones for upcoming occasions.


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