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What are Cast Iron (CI) Pipes?

The cast iron pipe is made predominantly from gray cast iron. It was previously used as a pressure pipe for transmitting water, sewage, and gas. These pipes were widely used as water drainage pipes during the 17th to 20th centuries. Most of the time, these pipes were used uncoated, even though the later coatings and linings were used to reduce corrosion and further improve hydraulics.

  • In the cast iron pipe, the graphite will form the flakes during the casting procedure, especially when examined under the microscope. 
  • The cast iron pipe was also superseded by the ductile iron pipe. It is one direct development, with some of the most existing manufacturing plants transitioning to new materials during the 1970s and 1980s. 
  • The ductile iron pipe is quite different from the cast iron ones. It is because the use of magnesium during the casting process will cause the graphite to form spheres rather than just flakes.
  • It will allow the material to remain cast-able, and the end product gets a lot tougher than cast iron. So, that elastic behavior, in return, helps in lowering stress levels.

Nowadays, you can see companies manufacturing little cast iron pipes as the ductile one is widely accepted as the major product. Most of the municipalities, public utilities, and private industries have functional cast iron pipes in service these days.

The usage values to follow:

As it has been mentioned earlier, the cast iron pipe was previously used for transporting water and sewage before plastic pipes came into being. They are considered to be one of the oldest piping systems that you can see nowadays. Right now, most of the cast iron pipes are getting replaced by high-density polyethylene pipes and polyvinyl chloride pipes. 

  • Some of the cast iron pipes are still in their current working conditions. However, most of them will deteriorate with passing time and are in need of some replacement.
  • These cast-iron pipes are known to have a solid lifespan of somewhere between 75 and 100 years. But, there have been multiple pieces of evidence showing that they can last more than that.
  • The cast-iron pipes are designed to handle lower wastewater pressure even if the corrosion has taken place because of the wall thickness that these pipes come with.
  • Even though the cast iron pipes might corrode with time, the rust that forms a layer over the remaining pipe will actually help in slowing down the corrosion procedure.

The benefits associated with cast iron pipes will surely make them a great choice for installation in residential areas. However, there are some less tedious and cheaper options available in the market. But, still, most people are willing to invest some bucks on LESSO Cast iron Pipe for sure.

Cast iron pipes are a lot safer:

This is one of the major reasons for people to rely on cast iron pipe more even to this date, with so many other alternatives hitting the market. The cast-iron ones are safer than most of the piping options available these days.

  • These pipes are solid and resistant to fire, which makes them an ideal choice if you are looking for trenchless sewer repair in your residential areas.
  • The gasses that emit in a fire accident during heating and combustion of furnishing and building materials might often end up killing people. As cast iron pipes are noted to be fire-resistant in nature, they are safer options for home plumbing systems.
  • Cast iron won’t emit any kind of gas or burn whenever the temperature is high. So, it becomes difficult for people to fall sick that often!

Sound-proof option by your side:

Another interesting feature of cast iron pipes is that they are sound-proof. Noisy pipes can really be quite annoying, mainly in hospital facilities. So, it will always be a good option to head towards cast iron pipes for trenchless pipe replacement for a silent plumbing experience. The cast-iron pipes can also reduce vibration and noise between plumbing fixtures and pipes.

So, next time you are planning to change the plumbing line around your house, try giving the cast iron pipe a shot! You won’t regret making this decision for sure.


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