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Top Things to do Right after Moving into Your New House

So you moved to a new house! Well – congratulations to you! Moving is quite stressful, but the stress doesn’t end until you have settled in your house and taken care of the essentials.

Here is a list of a few things to take care of right after you have moved into your new house.

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Change the Locks to Your House

The first thing you need to do is rekeying your house. Obviously, you will have no idea who might have a copy of the previous locks to the house that is yours now. It could be an estranged spouse, a babysitter, or anyone.

So, you will want to play it safe by changing the locks to all doors leading to your house. Believe us when we tell you that the last thing you will want to have is a nasty surprise with a stranger unlocking your door.

So, changing the keys to your house is the first priority.

Set up All Utilities

If you haven’t already done this – make sure the water, cable, electricity, and gas are all set up in your new home. Else, you might find yourself taking cold showers and living without being connected to the new world.

Get Acquainted with Neighbors

Now here is the thing – it doesn’t matter whether you are an introvert or an extrovert by nature; you will want to get acquainted with your neighbors. Introduce yourself and tell them a little bit about yourself. This way, they will know who moved in.

They will also learn about your schedule and who is a stranger or a neighbor. Simultaneously, they will keep an eye out for you and watch out for strangers in case of burglary. They will be the first ones reporting any suspicious incident to the police or you in your absence.

So, getting acquainted with your neighbors is certainly a must-do when it comes to moving to a new house.

Inspect Your Boxes

Once you arrive at your new house, ensure all your belongings are safe and intact. Refer to the inventory list that you made at the beginning of the move. Always make sure that you make a list of your belongings and revert to it later to ensure that everything has arrived safely at your new house.

Although you might have hired the best movers in town, mistakes can still happen, which is why inspecting all boxes and furniture is crucial.

Plug in All Appliances

After ensuring that everything has safely arrived at your new place, it is time to unbox all appliances and get them running. Now, this is one thing that the movers won’t do for you, which is why it is your job to do the needful.

So, after you reach your new house, inbox your important appliances and set them up. If you are unsure about setting up the appliances, you can also avail yourself of professional help to do the needful. Before putting up the appliances, make sure to deep clean your new house.





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