The islands of the Seychelles are well-known for a variety of reasons. The beaches, with their turquoise mild waters, dazzling white sands, palm trees, and, well, you get the idea, would be right at the top of most people’s lists.

The Seychelles cuisine is another thing that most tourists to these islands fall in love with. There’s a valid reason behind this. There is something for every taste bud and palette here, from freshly caught fish to locally grown fruit, fiery curries to sweet fried bananas.

Here are some classic Seychelles delicacies to try when you visit the islands, in no particular order!

Pwason Sale 

If you know where to look, Pwason Sale, as the locals call salted fish, is less common today than it used to be, but it may still be found. If you know where to look, Pwason Sale, as the locals call salted fish, is less common today than it used to be, but it may still be found. Because food preservation was difficult due to the lack of refrigeration until the late twentieth century, a variety of preservation techniques, such as pickling and salting, were used to keep the product edible.

The French word for salted fish or Poisson salé is pretty much the same as what it sounds like. Salt is lavishly applied to the fish, which is then dried in the sun. You use it in the same way you would any other ingredient after soaking for a while, draining some of the salt out when you’re ready to cook with it. The flavor is intensely fishy while also being very salty. You’ll probably be in heaven if you like anchovies.

With this, you’re essentially just frying up tomato and onion with garlic, ginger, and chili, and then serving it with rice. It’s also delicious as coconut curry, which cuts through some of the salt. Request them to be served when dining at the best restaurants Beau Vallon, Seychelles.

Grilled fresh fish 

A large variety of tropical fish species can be found in the Seychelles, which local fishermen will sell to you fresh from the boat or the market in Victoria. Be on the lookout for the conch shell sound, a traditional sign that fresh fish has just been hauled ashore.

Among the most popular techniques for cooking fish is over hot coals on a BBQ, which are sometimes fueled by coconut husks to provide the fish a delicious scent and flavor. Garlic, ginger, and chili are usually stuffed into the slits down the side of the fish and grilled to perfection after being stuffed.  Barracuda, in particular, looks great in this manner. Try them out at fine dining restaurants in Seychelles.

Sausage Rougay

“Sosis rougay,” or sausage rougay, is a long-time favorite. As the name implies, this is a sausage-based dish with a thick tomato and onion sauce that generally includes garlic, ginger, and chili. The sort of sausage, however, is the key to a fantastic sausage rougay. This meal should ideally be cooked with coarse-cut salty sausage from the local area. The texture is similar to that of Tuscan sausage, but it’s saltier, and it’s what gives the dish its distinct flavor. Rougay can be made with a variety of ingredients; my favorite Seychelles dish is rougay with salted fish!

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Coconut Curry 

Curry is one of the most popular dishes among Seychellois. This could be due to the islands’ past when electricity arrived late and spices were applied to preserve food. Curry, which is commonly served with masala spices, curry leaves, fiery chilies, and plenty of freshly churned coconut cream, is a mainstay for whatever reason.

Bat and goat were the main ingredients back in the day, but it may be hard to find them today. You are more likely to see chicken and fish curries on your plate instead; and do try the local specialty, Octopus Curry, at least once in restaurants in Mahe, Seychelles.

Traditional “Satini” 

A “Satini” is a type of salad made from finely grated ingredients in the Seychelles. Unripe fruits, such as papaya or golden apples, are combined with spices and onions to make this dish. Be cautious because it can also include a lot of chilies. Alternatively, Satini can also be prepared using fish, most commonly shark. It will typically look like finely ground meat and be colored yellow with turmeric. A prominent ingredient is ground coconut.

Salad with Smoked Fish 

The Seychelles have a lot of fish, as you might expect. Smoking fish was a common and customary method of preserving it before refrigeration. Smoked fish has a delicious flavor that pairs well with cold salads. The fish is usually a larger fish with darker meat, such as swordfish, sailfish, or tuna, and it is served with a variety of vegetables and a dressing. Unripe fruits, such as mango or papaya, are also popular in the salad, adding a sour note to the dish.

Traditional Seychelles Snacks 

If you get hungry while visiting the Seychelles, there are a number of native Seychelles snack dishes that you should try. These may be found in most corner stores, best bars in Mahe, Seychelles, or supermarkets for a reasonable price. Banana chips, breadfruit chips, and “molouk” are three of the most popular snacks. The former are salty, deep-fried treats similar to potato chips. The latter is essentially bread dough that has been deep-fried.

Fresh Fruit 

You’d assume that being a tropical paradise, Seychelles would have an abundance of fresh fruit. And you’d be correct! Fresh fruit such as banana, starfruit, coconut, limes, grapefruit, mango, papaya, avocado, and the list continues. The fruit is pretty affordable and easy to come by, so this is a great way to snack. Fruit is almost usually provided for breakfast in the Seychelles, and you’ll have no trouble finding it during your visit.

Where can you find traditional Seychelles Creole cuisine? 

In a guesthouse run by residents 

Check to see if the hotel you’re staying at provides home-cooked meals as an alternative, then browse through the reviews to see what other guests have to think about the cuisine. 

In a Creole restaurant  

Going to a Seychelles restaurant that specializes in Creole food is your next best option for a good Creole supper. While there are numerous places to eat in the Seychelles, you should choose one that has a reputation for being a nice restaurant.

In your hotel  

In general, you will find some sort of Seychelles food as an option at the majority of hotels you will stay at, with varying quality and price. Of course, there are some hotels where the food is excellent, and others where it has been heavily westernized. However, with Story Seychelles Bar & Restaurant, you should be able to find traditional Seychelles flavors when you come!

That concludes our guide to some of the best dishes to try in the Seychelles when you visit these beautiful islands. 

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