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A Guide To Pre-workouts

It is natural to deviate from your fitness goals once in a while. Even the most eager Australian gym goer gets demotivated sometimes. This is where pre-workouts come into the picture. These are performance-enhancing supplements that can help you maximise both your endurance and strength.

Now before you jump in to order the best Australian pre-workout supplements, know that pre-workouts are not a magical solution. Building athletic strength and stamina takes years of training, perseverance, and discipline. That doesn’t mean you cannot twitch your way through the days when you do not feel like working out.

So, what does pre-workout do that makes them such a popular supplement?

Benefits of Pre-workout

Pre-workouts are formulated to give your body the necessary energy boost that you need to grind through your workout sessions. They help you perform at your optimum for longer. Furthermore, your fatigue decreases when you take pre-workouts since they spike your blood sugar levels.

Imagine having a bunch of bananas and a few cups of espresso! That’s what pre-workout does. It gives you the necessary additional energy.

Please Note: Ideally, you should consume the pre-workout 30-60 minutes before the training session to see optimum results.

Types of Pre-workout Supplements

The ingredients in your pre-workout may vary. Since the Australian diet primarily consists of ultra-processed foods, you need to choose more natural options. Now, this may change according to your lifestyle, training intensity, and fitness goals.

The ingredients can be categorised into stimulant and non-stimulant variants. Stimulants are ingredients that affect your body’s central nervous system and promote energetic feeling and wakefulness.


The primary reason you probably have been browsing through many Australian pre-workout supplements is to get the proper stimulation. Be honest here, pre-workouts are taken to trigger your workout sessions primarily.

However, these work great for late night work and study too. So, how does it work? Caffeine is perhaps the most popular type of stimulant pre-workout ingredient there is.

You consume caffeine through your morning coffee every day. Of course, the best Australian pre-workout supplements will contain a much higher dose of caffeine than regular coffee. Therefore, this is an option that is worth looking into.


Your body already produces this compound naturally. This protein is necessary to build your skeletal muscle, strength, and energy. Since the Australian diet consists of a lot of animal protein, it may not be difficult to get it from a natural diet.

If you are an athlete or do rigorous training, it is essential to include this in your diet. Therefore, having a creatine-based pre-workout formula is not only a natural solution but an effective one at that.


This is a common type of amino acid prevalent in many pre-workout formulas. Beta-alanine helps prevent acid buildup in your muscle tissue, preventing fatigue. If you want to train harder and longer, a beta-alanine pre-workout might be the right choice.

When training on your endurance, beta-alanine can work wonders. On days when you feel less motivated, taking this pre-workout an hour earlier can easily help you push through a couple of hard sets.


Whether you choose caffeine, creatine, or beta-alanine pre-workout, find out the purpose of use first. When searching for the best Australian pre-workout supplements, you can easily find many options.

If you are a hardcore caffeine lover, then go for that. Otherwise, taking a creatine-based pre-workout might be better for those wanting a natural alternative.


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