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Table Runners- running the table aesthetically

 There are various decorative pieces in the world, and with each passing day, one comes across something new. Table Runner is one such thing. Until a few years ago, there were only talks about Table cloth, which used to cover the table in the dining space. But now there is an invention of Table Runner, it works both as a decorative piece of cloth as well as divides the dining table for spacing the dishes. There are many ways to out across the runners, either directly on top of the table or the table cloth. Either way, it makes the table look classy and beautiful.

This piece of the interior adds up an aesthetic charm to the table as well as the place.

Types of Table Runner:

Table Runners are available in different sizes and linens. From cotton to linen, silk, sequins material, polyester, vinyl, casement, cots-wool, jute, and now newly found organza, they are available in every material. The elegant piece of cloth hanging on a table, more specifically the dining ones, comes in different designs as well, from the knitted traditional designs to the floral, aesthetic designs and colors, and many more.

From being as long as the table cloth covering the table to small rectangular or square-shaped or even a circle, Table Runners come up in every size, pattern, and design to choose from. Nowadays, even customized facilities are available for the customers to put according to the party theme or company logos, etc.

Purpose of running a table runner on the table:

The primary purpose of having a table runner is to make the table look beautiful, and another one is to stop the candle wax or flower decorations on the table from falling into the food. The Table runner is either hung on two sides of the table or only once in the middle. This helps the host put all the decorative flowers or candles over on the runner, which kind of divides the table and makes it look attractive.

How to place the Table Runners on the table:

  • If one has a big rectangular table, buy one runner that hangs below the table corners.
  • If one has a circular table, one should purchase something square or rectangular, running only until the corners are below.
  • If one wants to separate the table into two parts, then two table runners on either side of the table will make it look classy.
  • Hanging it on a white tablecloth will make the designer runner look more specific and beautiful, while one can also use it directly on a white or a black table.

The decorative piece of cloth hanging on the table makes the table elegant and lifts the classiness of the room or the outdoors. Table runners, add that little chunk to the table which might get missing due to the overcrowding of the utensils and food and their decorative pieces. The erstwhile plain-looking table gets a new look with the use of these runners.


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