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5 quick tips to win a car accident lawsuit in Los Angeles

The roads of Los Angeles are prone to accidents. If you ever have the misfortune of suffering injuries in such a car crash, you should consider all your legal options immediately. California is a fault state. If the other driver was careless, reckless, or negligent, you could file a claim with their insurer for compensation. In some cases, one can file a direct personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault party. To protect your interests, you should consider talking to car accident attorneys Los Angeles. Lawyers are skilled at negotiations and trials and know what it takes to get a fair settlement. Below are five quick tips to win a car accident lawsuit.

  1. Hire a lawyer sooner. The statute of limitations in California sets the deadline for injury and wrongful death lawsuits. You have two years to take action (from the date of crash/death), and the statute does not apply to insurance claims. However, you may miss evidence, witnesses, and other details if you don’t act right away. If you want to seek legal help, do that sooner.
  2. Seek medical attention. Consider seeing an injury doctor even if you believe that your injuries are minor and unlikely to cause complications. If you want a fair settlement for your accident claim, you have to seek medical help in time. Also, keep a record of all expenses, bills, and payments related to your treatment.
  3. Be honest with your attorney. People often have a hard time explaining the car accident to their lawyers, often because they are embarrassed to talk about their fault. If you want an attorney to help you, make sure that you are honest about your description of the crash. Let the attorney know if you were at fault or did something wrong after the accident.
  4. Stay off social media. It can be tempting to share the images of the accident on Facebook and Twitter but consider avoiding that. You have a serious personal injury claim to handle, and it is wise to minimize what you share with the world. In fact, do not talk about the claims process or the lawsuit with anyone.
  5. Don’t admit anything. You may have been at fault, but do not admit that to anyone. Don’t let someone, especially the insurance company, trick you into accepting something. Your lawyer would advise the same.

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