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Some Things to Consider Before Buying Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanities are the ultimate and capable storage space. Commonly known across Australia as bathroom cabinetry, they are usually built to hide the plumbing or provide easier access to storage in the toilet. Many homeowners buy bath vanities made out of waterproof materials like stone or laminate, which are usually resistant to moisture. It might be worth noting that vanities are not the same as cabinets, and vanities are cabinetry with added sink. It’s essential to understand the difference.

Bath vanities are a part of a larger bathroom furniture market, and in Australia, it contributes to a 415.8 million dollar market. Installing vanities can be an excellent addition to the decor, especially for those lacking proper floor space. Plus, it adds a stylish touch to the washrooms. With vanities becoming the new norm for most bathroom revamps in the country, Aussie homeowners are finally looking to blend functionality with aesthetics.

There are plenty of reasons why many Australian homes are opting for bathroom vanities:

  1. It helps in decluttering the entire bathroom space, allowing it to look more neat and spacious. It’s a great way of filling a large part of the bathroom space too.
  2. Bathroom vanities offer the homeowner an array of customisable designs and setups. Individuals can choose vanities based on their preferences and modify them according to the decor or design of the bathroom.
  3. And speaking of being clutter-free, vanities offer extra space for storage and help secure them. This way, shampoos, detergents or accessories don’t have to stay lying around the bathroom in a disorderly manner.
  4. Vanities can transform the Australian bathrooms look and feel, making the place more attractive.
  5. Probably the most useful benefit is that bath vanities are easier to clean. Common styles in Australia involve hanging cabinets fixed to the wall instead of the floor to allow easier access while cleaning the bathroom. There’s no need for extra costs or effort regarding their maintenance.

Things To Consider When Installing Bathroom Vanities

Whether it’s for remodelling the home, renovating the toilet section or building it from scratch, homeowners should buy bath vanities only after careful consideration.

  1. Interior Decor: When installing bathroom vanities, homeowners must make sure that it reflects the design and aesthetic of the bathroom itself. So choose the style that best suits the home, and doesn’t be afraid to be a little more creative. The room aesthetics will shape the vanity’s colour and design, something that will make it blend into the whole room if done right.
  2. Functionality: How many family members are there in the house? Smaller families can do well with a regular-sized vanity in the bathroom. Larger families might need to incorporate a much bigger space for storage and practicality. Vanities required for kids’ bathrooms might be different compared to those required in guest rooms or master bedrooms.
  3. Bathroom Layout: The bathroom layout will determine the total size and other dimensions of the vanities. This will also include other aspects of installation like plumbing, electrical conduits and the need for bathroom mirrors. Don’t forget to consider all the other details like space for movement and easy access. Wall hung vanities are common in Australia, followed by freestanding styles. Vanities fixed into the bathroom corner are also popular, but it’s more space-oriented.
  4. Other Factors: Once the practical aspects of installing the vanities are done, then it’s time to move into the smaller details. This includes the type of sink, faucets, the material of the vanity and the type of style or design trend that homeowners want. Should the colours be loud, or should the design be minimalistic and sleek? Should functionality be the priority, or is it for display? Whatever preferences set forward by the homeowner will be reflected in the final set, so make sure that it’s a good one.

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