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SEO tips for WordPress valid for every website and blog

Do you want to know what SEO is, how it works for WordPress, and how best to optimise your site for search engines?

Anyone with a website would like to discover all the secrets of Google, know the strategies to rank high in search results and increase their visibility.

With this guide, I wanted to collect the main rules to follow to improve a WordPress site’s ranking in search engines, and above, you will find our tips on how to improve SEO paslaugas in WordPress.

While SEO strategies may vary depending on the individual site and the goals to be achieved, there are some general tips that apply to every website and blog. The 50 SEO tips in this article apply to everyone using WordPress and will help you improve the visibility and ranking of your website.

What are the most important meta tags for SEO

1. Optimise the title of your posts

The title of an article or page has an important value for search engines. It is generated by WordPress with the H1 tag, i.e. the highest header level.

Make sure that the title includes the keyword of your article, and that it is neither too long nor too short. It must explain what the article is about and make readers curious.

Also, make sure there is only one H1 on the page.

2. Use title tags for each page

The title tag of a page or article is not the title we see within that page. Instead, it is what appears in the search results, which we click on to open the link.

Often title and title coincide, but they do not have to be identical. In fact, if you write them slightly differently, you will have a chance of ranking for more keywords.

Search engines need this element to index the page better, so don’t forget to include it. The best WordPress SEO plugins have a special field for adding it.

3. The description meta tag is always very important

The description meta tag has no real value from an SEO point of view, i.e. it is not a real ranking factor, but a well-done meta description can attract more visitors.

Take care to include the most important part of your topic, so as to give a good preview of your article right away.

The description is like a miniature showcase of your site, a little window onto that page. If you insert an interesting text, with the right keywords, you will grab attention.

4. Keyword meta tags have lost importance

The keywords meta tag no longer really exists. In the past, it was used to tell Google what the topics of a page were. Unfortunately, it was abused so much that Google itself stopped taking it into account.

Today, the algorithm has developed to the point where it ‘understands’ the text of a web page without the need for any other indications than those you will discover by continuing to read this guide!


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