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Average Cost of Wedding Catering Per Person

Beyond the suits and gowns, what you offer your guests at a wedding leaves a lot to tell. There’s no doubt that food plays an integral role in how fun and memorable a wedding is. Imagine having tons of people show up for a wedding only to leave them hungry for a couple of hours. It’ll mostly be a day they will never forget, not in the good books this time around. So, while you plan the wedding, also consider the average cost of wedding catering per person.

With an ideal estimation, it becomes incredibly easy for you to make provisions for your guests. You can easily glue everyone together, making them sit down to feast, and pay keen attention to the speeches, toasts, and gestures as the event unfolds. Not only that. You will be able to make your special day the talk of the town as long as everyone eats and gets satisfied.

But how do you come at the ideal cost? Of course, anyone who shows up at your wedding means something to you. You will have to set some part of your hard-earned income aside to give them the treatment they deserve. In this guide, you’ll discover how much you need to get ready to feed your wedding attendants.

Average Cost of Wedding Catering Per Person

The initial step to take while computing the average cost of wedding catering per person is to consider the total cost of wedding catering. It is worth mentioning that the cost varies from place to place. In Australia, for instance, the estimated cost of wedding catering is about $9891 on average. This dates back to 2020. Although it is somewhat on the high side, bear in mind that it includes other expenses like rentals, chefs, waiting for staff, beverages, food, and all other extras.

Considering the state-by-state cost, wedding catering in some states is more expensive than the others. For instance, in Australia, the costs are as follows.

●    Queensland: $5754

●    SA: $6322

●   ACT: $7192

●   NSW: $9213

●  WA: $10,785

● Victoria: $12,330

With this cost at your disposal, you can go ahead to determine how much feeding a head will be, depending on your location. If you are inviting one hundred people on your special day, for example, your budget per person for each state will follow the sample below.

● Queensland: $57.54

● SA: $63.22

●  ACT: $71.92

● NSW: $92.13

● WA: $107.85

●  Victoria: $123.3

To make room for extra costs like staff, venue, rentals, and other petty expenses involved, you can add approximately $50 extra to your budget. This way, you have arrived at the average cost of wedding catering per person.

Catering Styles

When calculating the amount of money it will cost you to feed each guest at your wedding, one factor to consider is the catering style. There are different catering styles, depending on your choice. For instance, you will not have to deal with the expenses that come with waiting for staff if you opt for a food truck. Although this isn’t the best wedding catering style, it has some benefits attached.

There are some low-budget styles as well. The buffet and finger food styles fall under this category. With either of these styles, you can get rid of too many staff, thereby reducing the average cost of wedding catering per person.

Leaving the traditional sit-down meal out of the catering options will seem odd as it accounts for about 54 percent of Australian weddings. It is the most popular style, and it allows your guests to feel at home while you spoil them with food.

Based on statistics, the buffet catering style comes next. It accounts for about 19 percent across the country. As a result of the advent of food trucks in recent years, it has decreased in popularity and usage to a large extent. It’s a good option if you are looking forward to having a casual atmosphere on your wedding day.

Wrap Up

The average cost of wedding catering per person is not easy to determine since there are different influencing factors. However, with about $150, each guest at your wedding will get fed to their satisfaction. Remember to consider your location and the number of guests you intend to invite before makingan estimation. Also, it’s your special day, and since people will be coming from different places to celebrate with you, ensure you give them nothing short of the best treatment.


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