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ProGuard: What Should You Know about It for Your Android Device?

When writing the code for your Android application , there could be some lines of code that are needless and may increase the size of the APK of your app. Aside from useless code, there are manifold libraries that you may have included in your program but did not really make use of or use all of the functionalities that each library provides. Also, you could have formed up some code that will be outdated in the future and unsuccessful to delete it.

Now, you know these are the factors are to blame for the enhanced size of your application’s APK. Android has Proguard abilities to minimize the size of the APK.  Actually mobile applications today are vulnerable to a range of security threats forcing developers to adopt security best practices to simply thwart attacks. Less than fifty percent of the financial apps on the Android Marketplace have actually proper security measures installed. This means applications are vulnerable to a diversity of threats encompassing IP theft, that of app clones, sensitive data loss and even reputational damage among others. App performance is another crucial factor to be taken into consideration. Eradicating unnecessary codes and elements from applications can actually yield apps that are tinier and faster. Code obfuscation is crucial for open-source applications. 

As already said, there are various tools for Android Studio that facilitate overall code obfuscation like that of the tool the post is discussing. This post sheds light on this tool , one of the open-source obfuscators in the realm of Java that can shrink, optimize and even that of obfuscate apps. By the end of it, you would learn everything you require to know about this free app.

This app serves three prime functions: Shrinking, optimization and that of obfuscation. It is a powerful free tool that can shrink, optimize, that of obfuscate and reverify Java class files. This tool is used in Android applications as well as huge Java applications and libraries. It makes reverse engineering really challenging and difficult, if not really impossible. 

What to know?

Android applications are quite easy targets for reverse engineering that actually makes it absolutely essential for developers to deploy or use this guard tool as a basic security measure. A built-in tool in the realm of SDK, an effective and powerful way to guard your app’s codebase with negligeable configurations. 

It is absolutely crucial for you to understand that this tool is a basic security tool and must not be viewed as a comprehensive as well as multi-layered approach towards overall security. The tool safely eradicates unused variables and reduces the overall size of the application which is a notable and important feature of this command-line tool. 

Important features to know

This tool or free app is critical to reduce app size and overall optimize the applications. It accomplishes these things through a variety of methods. Shrinking, optimization, obfuscation and that of even preverification are crucial features of ProGuardthat block reverse engineering attempts, diminish app size and augment the overall app performance to some extent. 


Shrinking refers to diminishing the size of apis. Proguard allows detection of unused variables, methods, and even that of classes. Unused codes are eradicatedboth from application and that of the libraries.


Now this optimization simply refers to optimizing the bytecode. Unused instructions can actually negatively influence app performance. Redundant instructions in a tiny segment of the generated code are removed through peephole optimization techniques. Duplicate code is eradicated at this stage and instructions that can get replaced with shorter instructions are recognized and removed.


Then speaking of the procedure of obfuscation, it is the process of making the entire code unintelligible to understand and read. A third party who actually has gained unauthorized access is not going to be in a position to make sense of the code. After eradicating the overall unused codes, the remaining classes, fields, and even that of overall methods get renamed using random characters. Obfuscation gets employed to conceal the original intention of code segments from that of hackers. 


Pre-verification is something that refers to the inserting pre-verification information to class files for specific types of Java versions (Java 6 or that of even Java Micro Edition) to take utmost possible advantage of faster class loading. 

Quick Benefits of Implementing this tool

This tool is an open-line command source tool that actually is much recommended for Android applications. It lessens the readability of the code and as a result enhances the security of the applications. In addition to augmenting the overall security, it shrinks applications to offer a compact package. Have a look at some of the benefits of implementing it.

Compact Configuration

This tool has a template-based configuration if you compare it to other Java obfuscators. This is one of the hugest advantages of this tool. You can either make use of a few intuitive command line options or that of a simple configuration file to allow this app or tool in your system.

Reverse Engineering is Tougher

By applying or using appropriate rules of this app, reverse engineering can be actually made difficult. Proguard shrinks as well as obfuscates the code with obscure names. Crucial data can be leaked and exposed in case hackers or attackers successfully gain access to the application for wicked purposes. The obfuscation capabilities of this tool are a deterrent to any sort of reverse engineering attempts.

Guard Against Static Analysis 

Hackers or attackers do make use of static analysis to gain access to the source code of the application. With static type of analysis, the application’s source code and control flow can be analysedsimply by hackers to figure out how actually the app works without running the app. This app or tool can shield the application against decompiles.  Hence, there is a next level layer of security.


To sum up, enabling or implementing Proguard android heads to a slimmer as well as more optimized application. It even removes unwanted codes; it eliminates resources that are no longer referenced!


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