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Online Purchase of Prescription Safety Glasses: Things Often Overlooked

Spectacles are essential for many people. For those who wear glasses at workplaces, especially when exposed to hazards like dust, chemicals, and heated splashes, prescription safety glass is the best solution. It can protect the eyes from any injury and also help in having a clear vision. Therefore a safety glass is a requirement for a safe working experience.

In the present times, it is easier to buy glass online than from a regular store. Moreover, there are various shopping channels with the facility for this, which may cause confusion. However, buying safety glasses online is of great convenience as they can be purchased just by a few clicks at the comfort of the home.

The collection of online sellers is vast, and the glasses are available at a meagre price. However, there are certain things that many online buyers tend to overlook while buying a safety glass. As a result, the purchased item at times does not meet the expectation of the buyer.

Every safety eyewear is an investment that should be done very wisely. However, it should also align with the workplace requirements for the eyes to be safe under all circumstances.

This article will emphasize some of the common mistakes buyers usually make and how to avoid them.

Defined standards

While buying a prescription safety glass, many people do not check the prescribed safety standards of the product and its compliance with the shown product. For instance, eyewear with a lens that has a trivet or polycarbonate makeup. It can have high impact resistance, but it may not be compliant with the Australian safety standards of the usual safety glasses.

More or less, it can end up being just another regular prescription eyewear with no compliance with the industrial set standards. Therefore, understand the market standards and then go forth with the purchase. Or else the industrial estimated quality for the user will not be fulfilled.

Polarised lens

For safety lenses that are prescribed non polarised lenses are only recommended, unlike the use of prescription lenses in regular eyewear. The main reason behind this is because polarised lenses can be difficult for the wearer to read LCD screens which are very common at workplaces. Many people have to deal with it at a regular pace which makes it even more difficult.

Therefore, while buying a safety lens, always check if they have a non-polarised lens. People tend to conveniently miss the description part of the lens, which can be crucial to make the ideal purchase.

Light Conditions

The workplace situations vary according to the requirements and tasks at hand. One significant factor that changes constantly is the use of light. The lighting needs of the workplace are different from one another. In some instances, the work is done outdoors, whereas the others would be indoors. Some even would require one to work under changing light conditions. In each case, the kind of safety eyewear required varies.

However, many online buyers fail to include this in their list of things to consider. As a result, they would end up ordering something that would perform very poorly in their required working atmosphere.

Always remember to buy safety glasses according to the lighting of the workstation. If the job is done primarily outside, go for glasses that have a grey base. They reflect the light, and the eyes feel relaxed and protected all day long. For those who work under changing lighting, go for prescription glasses with a tint of brown, copper or amber in them.


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