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HP Laptops: How Do You Choose the Best One?

Laptops are no longer just a means to do work or play games. They are transferring into the ultimate mobile device that one can use for almost anything. You can use them for anything from essential home use to powerful gaming. And if you are searching for the best laptop, many options are available in the market that offers excellent features at affordable prices. That said, HP is a famous laptop brand that sells millions of laptops in different models. However, you should consider certain things before buying an HP laptop. And if you are confused about the features to look for when buying a laptop, consider the below features.


The processor is the brain of your computer, and its operating speed is measured/expressed in gigahertz (GHz). So the higher the speed, the faster things will happen on your computer. Meanwhile, there are three important things to consider when choosing a processor, and they are:

  • How many cores does it have? (the more, the better)
  • How much RAM does it contain?
  • What speed does it run at?

The number of cores and threads determines how many operations per second (OPS) it can do simultaneously. For example, you want to edit a document using several open windows on your screen, like streaming music from Spotify while checking Facebook or reading emails. In that case, you’ll need a good multicore processor so that everything keeps up when you open new apps or tabs. And if you’re just writing research papers for school or doing other simple tasks like browsing the internet or watching videos on YouTube, having a strong single-core CPU is necessary for your needs.


When choosing the best laptop from HP, RAM (Random Access Memory) is an important consideration that can be accessed randomly and quickly. So the more GB of Ram you have, the more data your computer can store in its memory. This helps ensure programs run smoothly and quickly, so you don’t have to wait for them to load every time.

RAM is measured in GigaBytes (GB) or MegaBytes (MB), with 1 MB equaling 1024 KB. For example: 8 GB = 8 x 10003 bytes; 16 MB = 16 x 10002 bytes; 32 MB = 32 x 10001 bytes.

Operating System

The most recent Microsoft operating system is called Windows 10. Since its 2015 release, it has become one of the most widely used laptop operating systems. So if you’re looking for a laptop with Windows 10 as its operating system, several fantastic options will be ideal for your requirements.

Windows 8.1 is another popular option for choosing an operating system for your new laptop. This version of Windows offers many improvements over older versions like Windows 7 and XP, including better security features and more personalisation options for users who want them.


Storage and display are two of the most important features of a laptop from HP. Storage is how much space your laptop has for your files and other stuff. As such, if you use it for school or work, then 500GB will be fine, but if you want to play lots of music or videos, make sure you get at least 1TB. Meanwhile, you can always add external hard drives if necessary. It’s also essential to note that people who like having several windows open at once will need more storage than those who don’t need any extras.

Finding the right HP laptop for you can be overwhelming, with many options. But the best way to narrow down your opinions is by taking the time to research and compare different models. That said, these tips will help you decide which features are most important and how much money you should spend buying the best laptop.


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