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How to shoot correctly in CS 1.6

Counter Strike 1.6 has an abundance of different automatic rifles, sniper rifles, semi-automatic rifles, pistols and other weapons. In this case, each weapon has its own individual characteristics, each needs its own approach. For professional players of CS there is no difference what kind of weapon to use – they can hit the target with any weapon. But beginners and “average” in the game still have their own favorite automatic weapons, which are the most convenient for them.

But have you ever thought that you want to learn how to shoot with other machines? If yes, then the information below will suit you better than ever!

We collected for you professional tips on shooting with all popular weapons in Counter-Strike 1.6. want to play CS today, download cs 1.6 now.

Sniper Rifle AWP

Perhaps the most popular weapon in CS 1.6, and therefore the most expensive. In capable hands this is a real killing machine. We have a whole article on our site dedicated to shooting with this sniper rifle.

AK47 assault rifle

When shooting with the Kalashnikov rifle, you need to focus on the shooting of single rounds, i.e. “on the bullet”.Clamp with ak47 should be only in a situation where the enemy is in a stop (at a distance of up to 10-15 meters), while remembering to take the sight down, thereby controlling the dispersion of bullets (practice near the wall).

The main advantage of this rifle is a high damage, it is better than all other rifles in CS 1.6 for killing enemies with headshots – kills with 1 bullet. If you shoot at the body, you have to land at least 4 bullets in the enemy

M4A1 submachine gun

The main rival of the ak47 in this game and the best weapon in the hands of counter-terrorists. The M4a1, or “mka” as players like to call it, is good at “clamping” firing (i.e. you clamp the firing button and do not release it) at short to medium ranges. It is important to point the sight down when clamping. 

If the enemy is in the distance, it is better to shoot in a 2-3 round burst with a silencer. If you prefer shooting single rounds (like with ak47), we recommend to shoot without silencer – the recoil will be more pleasant).

Important fact – the damage with m4a1 with silencer is slightly higher than without it, literally by 1-2 units of damage. But with the silencer is more difficult to control the shooting, because the recoil from the machine gun increases.


The assault rifle is one of the most underappreciated submachine guns in the world.

One of the most underrated submachine guns in Counter Strike 1.6. In the hands of skilled SWAT teams it is a very formidable weapon.

If you first took fomas, it is recommended to switch on the firing of three rounds in a single burst (by right-clicking on the mouse). In this mode it is very convenient to hit the enemy in the head, and at the same time do not forget to constantly move after each round, so it will be harder for the enemies to kill you. If the enemy comes up close, quickly switch over to the automatic mode and press the button – this gun has one of the highest rate of fire in the game.


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