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How we cried and groaned in the Burning Crusade

You are still not ready. How we cried and groaned in the Burning Crusade, trying to find the same WoW

Dark Portal Pass

If you already have a paid WoW subscription , then playing Classic , including F95zone , will be free. There are, of course, some nuances here. So, adventures in Outland, in fact, begin at level 58, although in fact they are designed for the sixtieth level. From this it follows that only those who have already reached at least 58th in the usual “Classic” will be able to immediately jump into the Dark Portal. And to swing there, we recall, was also very long and difficult. We, for example, did not master this process, remaining somewhere in the Gnomeregan area after several races from the cemetery to the dungeon through the entire location. Yes, especially nimble “faiths” managed to pump blood elves and draenei in two weeks of the update preceding the release of TBC, but such a pace is clearly not designed for those who have at least some other activities in their life besides WoW .

An alternative to dreary pumping is the so-called “Pass to the Dark Portal” – a paid Blizzard service that allows you to increase the level of one of the characters immediately to 58 in order to send him straight to Outland. The function does not smell like the spirit of the classics, but in fact it’s already really cool: rushing into TBC right away , if it was your first add-on, is priceless. Considering that the add-on itself is free for subscribers, the offer to pay to level up looks quite fair. 

But here, unfortunately, there are pitfalls. Firstly, our freshly upgraded character is dressed in some absolutely useless rags, forcing from the threshold to feel the full power of the Burning Legion. As a rule, people who have reached the 58th on their own are dressed much better. Secondly, as we wrote earlier, the 58th is only formally suitable for Outland, because the enemies and the levels of tasks there, after all, are designed for the sixtieth.

Because of this, by the way, we will have to spend much more time in the first location, finishing the remaining two levels. For the same reason, we will have to use an ancient nag as a “mount”, dragging at a speed of 60% instead of 100%. At the sixtieth, you will also not be able to buy a new horse, because the required skill costs a lot of money, which a freshly pumped character most likely does not have. Thirdly, the lack of basic professions will be the icing on the cake. That is, if you want, say, to collect ore and grass during pumping, then you will first have to spend a couple of days in the starting locations, raising the necessary skill. 

Needless to say, the more coveted races like the draenei and blood elves won’t be able to use the pass? Why? But these are new races! Yes, yes, new races that you may have been playing for for 14 years. Such an artificial complication of life within the framework of a paid service, of course, is a little shocking …


The community, perhaps, is indeed one of the greatest strengths of the “classics”. If in “actual” communication is now practically reduced to naught, and what is, often, consists of rudeness, then here things are quite different. Players sincerely try to thank for the buff, chat during dungeon crawls, and add as friends to “run together afterwards.” Once we were devoured by a fel boar when we were logging out in the wrong zone, and then, upon entering, we were immediately resurrected by a running shaman – unheard of in Shadowlands ! Playing in such a community is an order of magnitude more enjoyable. It’s great that the players are trying to maintain that same spirit of the classics on their own.

“So what does the community point do in this story?” , – you ask. It’s very simple: the situation has changed slightly since the launch of classic servers. Yes, the tacit negative of the current version of TBC is still a long way off, but it cannot be compared with the launch of the “HuniePop 2” either. The players got used to the new reality, the euphoria passed, and after that, not the best human qualities rose to the surface.

Mages make portals here and give food only for money. We were sincerely surprised by the enthusiastic reaction to free water and portals, being, in fact, a magician. Conversations for life in global chats have been replaced by a sheet of messages about the search for a group, and players who allow themselves boorish communication are often found here. And this became for us, perhaps, the main disappointment from TBC , surpassing even the too long and boring tasks that we managed to forget for 14 years. 


This list, in fact, could be continued further. Tell about incredibly atmospheric, but extremely easy by today’s standards, dungeons and huge, powerful, but possessing only a couple of bosses mechanics. About other high-level content, consisting, for a minute, of the same daily tasks hated by players, farming of Battlegrounds and pumping reputation. About flying mounts, access to which does not require a complex chain of “quests”, but costs a real mountain of gold. It would be possible to tell about all this, but we will not do this. 


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