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Herbal and Chemical Pest Control Methods

Pest control treatments in homes and commercial properties have become very popular in recent times due to people realizing the importance of a healthy lifestyle. With this realization, it is equally important to realize the methods of treatments available and their effects.

Power pest control methods are comparatively new in the fight against pests. So, let’s have a look at the key differences between herbal and chemical pest control methods.

Herbal pest control methods

Non-chemical or herbal pest control products use organisms or odorless bars to control pests. These organisms/odorless bars released/placed strategically, in order to naturally/biologically fight pest infestations. This method reduces the pests, without harming the occupants of the area. It has no negative effects (until, of course, consumed directly in large quantity) on humans and the environment, this makes it particularly useful in houses where pets and small children are present.

Considerations of herbal pest control methods

1. Natural pest control methods are safe, successful and less damaging to the environment than chemical controls.
2. Herbal pest control methods take longer to display effects. They usually take 3-4 days before showing their effectiveness.
3. Cost of getting herbal pest treatments are higher as compared to chemical pest control.
4. Herbal pest treatments are not as strong as chemical methods, thus multiple herbal treatments might be required in cases with higher pest density.
5. Herbal pest control products are eco-friendly. They are made with natural ingredients, thus decomposing completely without leaving behind residue.
6. They are comparatively harder to source because of them being less popular in the market.

Chemical pest control methods

Chemical pest control methods are more popular. Primary reason for this is their quick action and lower costs upfront. This method employs synthetic poison to kill the targeted pests. Chemical pest control methods can be basically divided into two groups: non-selective and selective. The non-selective products are the most harmful because they can kill all kinds of organisms, pests and, not to forget, humans and pets.

Considerations for chemical pest control methods

1. Chemical controls are cheaper as compared to herbal products
2. They are readily accessible in the market and fairly simple to use.
3. Chemical pest control products are also available in a variety of forms, like aerosols, powders, concentrates and granules.
4. They display effectiveness faster as compared to their herbal counterparts.
5. Human exposure to pesticides can be harmful. The toxins in these chemicals are even more dangerous to children and older people, who have weaker immune systems.


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