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4 Reasons Why Anyone Should Install a louvred Roof for the Patio

Roofs are a considerable part of the construction industry. To elaborate, the market size for roofs exceeded 100 billion dollars on a bad year like 2020, when all constructions came to a standstill due to the onset of the CoVID pandemic.

Moreover, with the evolution of the roof and the introduction of different types of roofs, such as the Butterfly roof and the louvered pergola, people have taken a further interest in renovations and replacements.

Louvred Roofs especially have pulled the audience in with their innovative design and chic look. Here are some other reasons to install it on the patio.

1.    Weather Protection

A louvred pergola is an all-weather protection system. It protects against all the natural elements and effortlessly so.

Installing a louvred roof eliminates the little inconveniences of rain, harsh sunlight, and even hail and snow.

Opening the louvres allows more natural light and ventilation. Closing them keeps rain, hail, and excessive heat out. The 180-degree rotation allows the louvres to be adjusted to offer the appropriate amount of sunlight and air, offering comfort throughout the seasons.

2.    Wireless Controls

Thanks to the very convenient remote control, the louvres can be operated from any room in the home that is within an acceptable range. They can be shut when rainstorms occur or opened to enjoy the sunlight with the push of a button.

Manual winders are out of the question. Certain louvred pergolas can also be customised with built-in rain and wind sensors, which close the louvres automatically to avoid rain and protect the roof from damage caused by high winds.

Furthermore, hotels and restaurants can install louvred pergolas to make the most of any outdoor space they may have.

3.    Environment-Friendly

Louvred pergolas are non-corrosive aluminium, which means they do not rust. Aluminium is a malleable and strong metal that can bend under load or rebound from impact; therefore, it lasts longer, requires fewer replacements and creates less wastage. Furthermore, it does not burn even at high temperatures, preventing the emissions of toxic fumes.

Louvred pergolas can also help to reduce energy consumption. Close the louvres to keep sunlight out of the interior space when the weather warms up.

Keeping the heat out will also eliminate the need for expensive cooling appliances. As a result, you will save money in the long term while simultaneously lowering your carbon footprint dramatically.

4.    Increases Resale Value

Yes, a louvred pergola can significantly improve the resale value of a space, but it depends on two other factors.

  1. Material

If the material is durable and can provide proper weather protection without frequent replacement and only occasional maintenance, it can contribute to a higher resale value.

  1. Décor:

In addition to good quality, buyers also expect a beautiful and convenient setup to go with it. Buyers are impressed if the area is enormous and the pergola looks good. However, if the area is small and the roof is simply there with no practical application, it may not be enough to justify the higher resale price.

Louvred roofs are expensive, but they’re an excellent investment. They have a cool and modern design. They help protect the patio while also increasing the resale value of a house. Not just that, they are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

In addition, they have intelligent wireless controls, so even though they are a little expensive, the investment is fully worth it.


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