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Get Less, Give More: The Secret of Happiness

Are you aware that giving a gift boost one’s happiness? According to H. Jackson Jr., “the happy individuals are not those who obtain more, but those who give more.” So, make others happy by giving them something, whether it’s a homemade cookie or a pre-designed gift hampers that has special meaning to them.

Building stronger ties with family, friends, and coworkers is essential to be happy. Our nature is to be social because we are human beings. Whether it’s a token of appreciation in the form of a small present or a few drinks for your coworkers, being kind and grateful lifts our spirits. Shopping for a loved one, a friend, or a coworker can be a lovely wake-up call of the true nature of Christmas or New Year’s Eve.

Research says that giving a present to someone can bring as much joy and satisfaction to those who receive it Gift-giving, therefore, not only stimulates our feelings, but it also serves to strengthen the bonds that bind us to those who are happy in their lives. So, what is it about giving to others that makes us happy?

Evidence suggests our brains have an internal feedback mechanism that regulates how energetically we interact with others. Consider the hormone oxytocin: when we spend money to make our friends and family smile, we are rewarded with a beautiful, happy sensation of fulfilment. So said, this demonstrates that gift-giving is associated with scientific proof.

The vital thing to remember when giving a gift is to make it personal to the receiver. Carnegie Mellon researchers did a study to see if receivers are receiving the gifts they prefer, and their results suggest that the verdict is no. Even when given the option of getting something more personal, such as a photo of something memorable, or something more superficial, like a newsboy hat, the givers tend to choose the shallow present over the more meaningful one. According to the survey findings, people don’t give sentimentally significant gifts as frequently as receivers would want. No matter how close two friends were, researchers found that the gift-giving failure remained regardless of how close they were.

To guide you through, here are some simple gifts you can give to someone without hurting your pocket:

  • Purchase a performance or a movie.
  • Set up a romantic dinner date at a restaurant.
  • Purchase a book for someone who appreciates reading.
  • Take that person to a beautiful place.
  • Always give them a card that contains kind words.
  • Bake them a cake or a cookie.
  • Show them a motivational speech that inspired you.

These are simple gestures that have a long-term impact on a person’s life. However, monetary gifts can sometimes take the place of meaningful experiences. Even though tangible belongings may not be as significant, they are still precious. Material presents, in particular pre designed gift hampers, have their own set of perks. They can last a long time and be valuable because the giver put forth a significant amount of time, effort, and thought into selecting the appropriate gift for the person. What matters is what you put into it. Indeed, you can only achieve true happiness by receiving more and giving less. As a result, always think of others and do something kind for them.


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