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Do coloured diamonds have any spiritual significance?

Diamonds are truly a work of art. Irrespective of whether they’re found in nature or created inside a lab, they are beautiful, rare and unique. Each diamond is a single piece and unlike any other diamond found on the planet and this characteristic is what makes them so special. In ancient Greek mythology, diamonds were diamonds and called ‘Adamas meaning unconquerable. Perhaps being that hardest substance on Earth gave them this name. Diamonds offer the largest variety in colours as compared to any other stone found on Earth. They are found in many colours in nature and can also be created colourful.

For centuries the field of astrology and spirituality has been associated with gemstones. Every zodiac sign has a specific stone of its own and has a deep meaning too. This is because every stone represents certain qualities of characteristics; they have spiritual importance that many people believe in. It is believed that wearing those gemstones passes on those qualities to the wearer and improves their life.

Diamonds are associated with strength, love and health. But what about coloured diamonds Hatton garden? Do they have any significance apart from these qualities, and if yes, then what do they represent?

Yellow – Yellow is the colour of the sun. It represents brightness, a new beginning and humility. Just like the sun, it represents a fiery passion and desire. Also, it symbolises being rooted and respecting one’s origins.

 Pink – Pink symbolises tenderness and femininity. It is a representation of delicacy and is said to bring elegance to the wearer’s life. Although you won’t see a lot of men opting for this colour, it does suit them as well. A little elegance and tenderness is welcome in everyone’s life irrespective of their gender.

Red –Red has a special place in spirituality. It is a very powerful colour and represents passion, courage, discipline and power. It is believed that people who wish to perform better in life professionally or bring about changes in their personality to appear more assertive and progress further should wear red diamonds.

Green – Green is the colour of Earth and symbolises youthfulness, freshness and vigour. It represents vitality. Green is the colour of nature and it also stands for abundance and prosperity. People looking to bring about some positive changes in their financial situation are advised to wear green diamonds.

Blue – Blue has a very direct spiritual significance as it stands for spirituality itself. It represents devotion, truth, peace and chastity. It is advised to people wanting peace and calm in their chaotic lives.

Black – Black diamonds are known purely for their rarity and symbolize uniqueness and being different in a world of similar personalities.

White – White, quite obviously stands for purity, chastity, holiness and cleanliness of the soul. It is worn for purification of one’s character

Other colours such as brown, violet, orange, etc. do not have any certain significance mapping back to quality but are worn for the same reason diamonds generally are worn, which is prosperity, health and peace and mainly also because those colours look pretty.

If you want to check out lab grown diamonds London, you will find a variety of colours. And now that you know their spiritual significance as well, making will be easier.


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