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Best Timbers Used In The Furniture Industry

Furniture is must-have to make a house home. It’s an essential element of home decor. However, while choosing furniture along with the outlook, you should consider its quality too. When it comes to wooden furniture, the type of wood really matters. 

Every piece of wooden furniture is a work of art, and the timbers are the bases of it. Various types of wood are available in the market s for different uses. 

Experts from Feliz Home say you must have a clear idea about all these before choosing a type for your furniture. Here, we will discuss some types of wood from which you can choose as per your requirement. So, let’s continue reading to find out.

Uses Of Timbers In The Furniture Industry

Teak Wood

Teak wood has an aesthetic pattern that looks attractive on furniture. Moreover, it is durable and resistant to rot or decay. Furniture made of teak wood is weather resistant and durable. This is considered a good timber for furniture because it can last up to 100 years and is not easily damaged by water. 


Rosewood is arguably the most attractive variant, with a great deal of sturdiness. It has high crushing and bending strengths that allow it to design nicely curved furniture with proper durability. It is ideal for making musical instruments because of its grain-like texture. Apart from that, it is also a good choice for making cabinets, dining sets, etc. 

Satin Wood

Satinwood is the ideal choice when it comes to decorative furniture. Apart from that, it is the material for wood flooring because it gives a smooth finish and is low maintenance. It does not require regular polishing or cleaning on a daily basis. It is a durable option too.

Sal Wood

This durable timber is widely used in the furniture industry because of its quality and durability. As said by the experts of Feliz Home, it is the most used timber in the furniture industry. It is also immune to the attacks of insects, fungi, and white ants. It is an ideal furniture choice because of its strength and rigidity. 


Mahogany is well known for offering a glossy finish because its floors absorb paint flawlessly. It is very much resistant to water, which is why it is a good choice for wooden cabins close to water bodies. The best thing about mahogany is it is the finest wood where, any design can be sculpted very easily. 

Mulberry Wood

It is a tough and elastic timber that gives a clean finish when furniture is made out of it. It is a good choice for making decorative pieces and functional objects like cabinets, drawers, turned objects, fence posts, etc.

Bottom Line

A wide variety of good timber materials are available and used to make different types of furniture. This article helped you to get some idea about some best timber materials used in the furniture industry. For further inquiries regarding the timber materials, you can get in touch with Feliz home.





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