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A 5-Step Video Creator Guide That Anyone Can Follow

You may have heard that human beings are visual creatures. That’s right, and that is why you are likely to remember what you watched compared to something you read. Most people nowadays are in love with videos. It’s common to bump into someone watching a video as they go about their daily routine. And if you’re just starting in production, you can get more inspiration from a video creator software.

You won’t deny the importance of videos, especially in marketing. Video can help you to unwind and distract you from everything around you. That relief is sometimes necessary, particularly in the course of your busy schedule. It’s good to recognize the importance of video, especially now that the creation has been made much easier with Video Creator software. You can still create a video even if you don’t have much knowledge about them. Read on to get started.

Step 1:Pre-Production

The pre-production stage lets you map out what your video will appear. These include; what you want to produce, who is the target, and the resources you need. The success of your video heavily relies upon the preparations at this stage. You should set your objectives and have a strategy that you will use to achieve your goal. The objectives should be measurable, specific, achievable, relevant, and time-bound.

You then have to identify the audience to know who you’re speaking to. After that, you have to identify the core message you want to pass across, build a video strategy, craft a production brief and identify your creative approach. In this stage, you will also write your script and create a storyboard, then scout for a location for your video. After this, you will then identify the equipment you will need before scheduling the shoot.

With Video Creator software, you have everything in one place and accessible with a single click. In addition, this software has a vast library with a range of customizable templates to choose from. This freedom of choosing what you want to create enables you to create anything you can imagine. In addition, you will not go through all the hassle of identifying the site, shooting the video, and having to get equipment.

Step 2: Production Using a Video Creator

This stage is the actual filming of the video after the pre-production stage. The critical thing that shouldn’t escape your mind is keeping a tab so that everything runs as you had previously planned on your schedule. Next, you have to set the lights and the camera up. Depending on how elaborate your shooting is, you can use a tripod or a crane.

You will want to ensure that you direct talent afterward. Wondering why you have to be keen on this? Well, it’s because this is where you influence the speed of your video, style, audience appeal, and dynamics. You can’t afford to get this wrong, lest you want the whole process to go south. After that, you will get your B-roll footage. Again, ensure you capture interesting things because you just don’t know when whatever you capture may come in handy.

Some productions call for hiring actors, freelancers, and animators to produce big-budget videos. But Video Creator gives you a chance to create such videos without going through all these hirings. Moreover, you don’t need freelancers or high-end equipment.

Step 3: Post-Production

This is the stage where you edit your video. You will start by compiling the takes you consider the best and importing them into the software you will use for the editing process. You can then record the voice-over, add graphics, special effects, and animated text, and add background, colour, and music. Video Creator has unique features to assist you when creating animation videos.

When using this software, you will realise that its tools are special and unique, designed to give you amazing videos. The best thing is that you can make this instantly. This software is a collection of high-quality templates that you can customise, all found in a single application.

Step 4: Preview

During the preview, you must ensure that everything is in place as planned. Check the transitions, colours; if they’re balanced, design elements, text, and background to ensure everything is well set. This is the stage where you can adjust something that needs improvement. When you have made all the necessary adjustments, your video will be free for distribution.

Step 5: Distribution and Promotion

The distribution stage is about sharing your video with the intended recipients through various channels. Remember to fit everything in the plan you had mapped out, including sticking to your budget. Avoid going overboard to buy ads you have not planned for specifically to promote your video. The good thing is a perfect video can generate leads and hence reach out to the people you had intended it to reach.


Bet that this guide has been helpful, and you’ve got a perfect guide for creating your video with these five steps. Save yourself all these by using Video Creator to make your video. Without the software, the process can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you require a considerable budget. But if you remain organised and put the right strategies in place, you will end up with excellent results. Hopefully, you have gained some insight from this piece and can try it out independently.


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