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Benefits of Installing Long Span Metal Roofs

A long span roof has many benefits that make it an excellent roofing option in numerous places. The ultimate job of a long-span roof is to protect you from the sun and rain and keep you insulated, and this type of roof does just that!

People are generally perplexed about the type of roofing they should get done for their homes. However, long-span roofs are perfect for domestic and commercial settings. Today there is a wide range of options available for metal roofing.

You need to know which type of roof is the most suitable option for your requirement and then stick to it. Continue reading to learn more about long span roofing and why it could be an excellent choice for your home.

Advantages of Installing Long-Span Roofs

Long span metal roofs are very prevalent in rural areas and commercial establishments. This could be because of their affordability. However, the cost of metal roofing depends on the type and requirement of your roofing.

Apart from this, there are many other benefits of choosing long span metal roofs. Here’s what they are!

1.     They are Long-Lasting

On average, metal roofs can last you at least 4 decades. These roofing structures will not show signs of wear and tear. However, this timeline depends on the metal used to make these roofs.

2.     They are Fire-Resistant

Metal roofs are Class A fire rated and are entirely non-combustible. This makes them a safe option for factories and commercial spaces surrounded by fire hazards.

3.     They are Energy Efficient

Most metal roofs reflect heat and keep your room cool. This helps you save money on cooling appliances too.

4.     They Help Control Bugs

Long span metal roofs do not decay or get mould. This way, they prevent any pest infestation in your house. Metal roofs do not absorb any moisture and are unsuitable for insects and other pests.

5.     They Protect against Weather Conditions

Metal roofs protect you against heat, cold, and every form of precipitation. This makes them a reliable roofing material.

6.     They Have a Low Cost of Maintenance

These long span roofs are made of sturdy materials and rarely require any maintenance. All you need to do is to maintain the surface very clean.

7.     They are Eco-Friendly

Many of the long span metal roofs are made of recycled metal. This makes them eco-friendly and also cost-effective. While you may not find roofs that are 100% recycled, most of them fall in the ranges between 25% to 95%.

8.     They are Flexible

One of the most incredible benefits of metal roofs is that most metals are malleable. This means they are flexible enough to be fashioned into any shape, making them highly versatile.

Applications of Metal Roofs

Long span roofs have numerous applications everywhere. Here are a few places you are highly likely to see them.

  • Residential areas
  • Agricultural complexes
  • Industrial parks
  • Semi-permanent architecture
  • Warehouses and factories
  • Commercial establishments

To sum up

A long-span roof could be an excellent investment for you if you are looking for something sturdy. It is very easy to install and can be used almost anywhere. So, no matter your requirement or which part of the country you live in, long-span metal roofs are always a good idea!


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